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I wake up to news of another attack again
I think of the families who now suffer through so much pain
I check my on my friends to make sure they are alright
I hug my loved ones so tight

Each morning a mother watches as her family get ready for the day
She listerns in on the conversations making sure they are okay
She hears the laughter as they are rushed out the door
She watches her husband kissed a women who he adored

She sees the woman be a mother to her 4 kids
She sees her telling them daily how much she is missed
They have 2 mother's just one lives in the sky
Her biggest regret was not having the chance to say goodbye

She was heading to get coffee when a strangers decision took her life
That decision prevented her from tucking her children in that night .
Her work desk at home was now collecting dust
Still waiting for her to come home after 10 years it remains untouched.

About this story.
This is a fictional story based on true events that are happening recently.
I woke up to the news about Manchester which is only a few hours away from me.
I couldn't help thinking about the families and how this is becoming more frequent.
I added helplines just in case anyone is battling depression/anxiety or just need someone to talk to. Also I'm not part of any of the charities/organizations listed.


samaritans helpline
116 123 (its Free to call)

UK and USA