Source: Animal rights activist, Donny Moss - from YouTube.
I’m haunted by the lugubrious messages that are out there regarding the collage of many pleadings from the human voice of an animal hero named Donny Moss of as Donny Moss has been the protector clarion global communicator voice for the 66 chimps who were left for dead in Liberia because of an oligarch New York corporation called The New York Blood Center who abused & so crudely experimented on these chimps for 30 years & made 500 million bucks on them only to dessert them in Liberia to starve them & dehydrate them to death & leave them as abandoned collateral. In the end there has been victory with this winning cause & Donny Moss & his marching staunch stalwart demonstrator supporters winning in the end because the New York Blood Center after years of ignoring & brutally neglecting the 66 chimps they so immorally experimented on for 30 years will be giving the chimps 6 million dollars for their care & will care for them for the rest of their lives.

Yet this high order breach of contract never reached the Supreme Court because no one managed to take them to court for breach of contract. In the end Donny Moss & his indefatigable tenacity with his long time struggle to save the 66 chimps in Liberia rose to its pinnacle of awareness & Donny Moss sent that incredible email announcing that the New York Blood Center gave in & will contribute 6 million dollars to the 66 chimps in Liberia which was what they were supposed to be doing all along according to their contract with the 66 chimps in Liberia. Of course it’s been a corporate high profile oligarch crime but the oligarchs in these CEO crimes who had committed such an inhumane act have been haunted by the New York voice & power of Donny Moss & the animal right activists who have joined him marching & demonstrating for this emotionally charged cause for the past two years. Donny Moss is the only global US animal hero who has actually gone to Liberia to see the chimps & got out of his New York City comfort zone to live his cause which we all supported him as his demos for the chimps got more coverage & gained so much momentum!

We know of the HSUS the animal organization who has been devotedly feeding the chimps in Liberia & before this glorious victory for the 66 chimps someone from the NIH also pitched in to save the day paying for food for the chimps in Liberia. These are reflections on the most recent march for the 66 chimps in Liberia with Donny Moss always leading the brigade. As we were marching with Donny Moss recently marching against one of the CEOS Howard Milstein New York City who heard the echoing resonating voice of Donny Moss along with us his supporters for the chimps & there was cacophony resonating from the wall to wall carpeting on Park Avenue at 888 Park Avenue the home of CEO Howard Milstein. Of course the medical community who experimented so horrifically on these chimps had abandoned the chimps & dismembered the Hippocratic oath which is a piece of rubbish to them! From do no harm the Hippocratic oath had become “Frankly my dear we really don’t give a damn especially after abusing the bodies of these chimps for 30 years & greedily taking 500 million dollars on their Frankenstein science paying off so then they were thinking why have a conscience when you can abuse helpless chimps or any helpless animal & be 500 million dollars richer regardless of the fact that the ignorant residents at the location didn’t understand that!

At the demos Donny would always update the news mentioning Met Life who used to donate to the New York Blood Center had withdrawn their NYBC support & Citigroup also had withdrawn New York Blood Center support followed by IBM also withdrawing their name from their participation blood drives for the New York Blood Center. During the recent demo out of the blue Caroline Kennedy whizzed by the Donny Moss demo with us his supporters & her limo was waiting but the very stalwart & mighty Donny Moss took that moment standing there with a stirring stark photo of the starving 66 chimps in Liberia to implant his searing message of mental reflective thought triggers to go which was “You can be their voice Caroline Kennedy!”.

Donny’s resonating clear as a bell voice is the stuff that make CEOS buckle & tremble under their hedge funds & their whiskey toxic drinks shaking in their hands if they happen to be home when Donny sashays by their homes triggering the message of the chimps that Moss & his animal rights demonstrators implant.” We will be back & we won’t give up this fight!” was the final message of every demo for the chimps among the other very important messages to have the New York Blood Center reinstate their promise to take care of the chimps forever & this Donny Moss message is exactly what’s happened! The NYBC has reinstated their support of the 66 chimps in Liberia which is a 6 million dollar contribution going towards their basic right to live, eat drink water & sustain their lives. It’s their inalienable right as it is for all. Donny never wavers or wanes from his message to the CEOS & those responsible for leaving the chimps to starve to death & die of thirst. The inhumaneness of man is more powerful than ever. Every Donny Moss chimp demo has left an impression in the human or inhumane consciousness as the case has been in this long struggle to obliterate this primate slaughter off the face of the earth which is the message to those who turn away but hear the echoes of Donny’s message & his group as the New York passer bys & pedestrians walk by reverberating in their rumbling restless consciousness never letting them rest when Donny’s message is upon their consciousness! There has always been a lot of double takes when Donny is seen & heard fighting for animal causes! For animal rights news, Donny’s website is a world wind of information & videos on animal causes!

The fight continued with all the might & the mighty fire to win for the chimps in the DNA of Donny Moss & his supporter demonstrators by his side marching & demonstrating relentlessly in NYC as an unforeseen but welcomed VICTORY for the 66 chimps has been won!! We can only wish that other animal rights & animal welfare victories will follow for the suffering dying animals globally. Donny Moss created a miracle here no one ever expected with his blunt humane force of will power & mighty intelligent courage no one can buy or fake or emulate! A glorious vegan party of celebration was given for Donny Moss & his steadfast loyal to the cause Donny Moss demonstrators! This story was in the NY Times but Donny’s name should have been glorified more & more as he put this issue on the map of the NY animal rights community which reached global proportions & change became a life changer resuscitator for these chimps with the NY Blood Center contract to the chimps being revived & energized for these glorious smart & deserving beautiful chimps! There was a scrumptious vegan gourmet party held for Donny Moss at the National Animal Rights Day in NYC for Donny’s victory for the 66 chimps in Liberia who will be saved with their 6 million dollar contribution from the New York Blood Center very much owed to the chimps!

I find that the evil acts against the animals of earth is sliding towards the extinction of decency & higher thinking ethical & humane logic in man & the extinction of all animals & the extinction of the planet but threads of hope & threads of victory come with bittersweet determination for more victories. Along with this are the numerous cases where the murder of human victims & animal victims of murder & criminal abuse are ostentatiously displayed on face book & social media how animal perpetrators of the predatory kind never ever rarely get caught & punished. This is most disturbing & a trend that’s in your face. Take the link “It’s sickening: cat with arrow in the head euthanized". In Miami Beach Florida, the heart crushing meows were heard under a dumpster in April 2017 & a shocking sight was discovered when a beautiful orange cat was found with an arrow through his head as the arrow ejected through his mouth where blood was pouring from his mouth. It was posted on Twitter but so far the perpetrator was called a psychopath which he or she is or a psychopath group of people did this dastardly evil act for kicks & psychopathic fun. I never forget that the FBI profiles these predators as people who would also perpetrate acts of horrendous evil towards humans as well. This poor innocent cat murdered victim who should have had a loving home ended up with an arrow through his head which was located behind the eye & the unspeakable pain in his innocent meows were a cry for help from his agony & there was no salvation for this little precious life who was a target of an evil cat killer.

The cat was euthanized & left the evil world as a murdered victim of somebody’s psychopathic thrill in violent sadistic acts that have become an uncontrollable descent into evil decadence in our society. The answer could be in making a law everywhere one can of having a registry of animal killers & animal abusers & now also sexual animal predators criminals are out there & must be listed as well.

These are mentally destructive ominously violent individuals out to hurt, kill & maim. The first action before creating such a registry must be to outlaw animal cruelty crimes & pass legislation for it making all animal killers pay the price of their heinous acts against animals & people.

This way they’ll be known in neighborhoods & communities & targeted so that rescuers & police & government enforcement can hunt them down before they shoot arrows or bullets weapons or fists to beat to death another innocent animal or human. In this case of the cat assaulted by the arrow in his head an animal rescuer spoke out to the media & her name is Simone Anderson who was quoted as saying “It’s sickening & whoever did this is a psychopath & a threat to the community”. The cat killer who flung the arrow towards the cat’s head is still on the loose last I heard. You don’t often hear about the perpetrator being arrested & locked up. Yes they are a threat to all communities out there & there should be a registry of them with photos & all info given out to all police enforcement which doesn’t do much to save animals in trouble or prevent these horrendous crimes which is why an animal abuser animal killer national & international registry is needed to prevent the violence that will not be allowed to happen again & again! Harsh & effective laws should be in place along with a registry of animal abusers & killers. Something directly targeting these human walking menacing predators must be done in order to thwart & act as a deterrent to their evil intentions!

Another case in point is sexual animal abuse & death which isn’t talked about or mentioned enough. A case for the prosecuting attorney Michael Cochrane for Wyoming county in West Virginia is the egregiously horrible case of Grace a beautiful innocent puppy who wasn’t protected from evil when it counted the most when a scoundrel hell monger monster dog killer felon Victor Zandlo brutally raped Grace the puppy who was the victim of a rapist’s evil lunacy resulted in the dog’s destruction. Grace was euthanized. The vets determined Grace’s tragic rape. The sickening horrendous photo of this lovely puppy Grace who was raped was seen in pain lying on a bleeding towel & was on Facebook & shared on Facebook by the Humane Society of the US. This abominable unspeakably evil animal cruelty case of Grace is taken to new levels of evil acts of violent cruelty against innocent animals. This particular crime & crimes against innocent animals & people I might add is a concerning evil trend as also social media is also now a venue for animal abuser killers showing off their evil executions against innocent animals & people. Nine other dogs owned by Victor Zandlo were taken from his home as the other innocent dogs had to be protected from the evil intentions of this criminally deranged monster. What he did to Grace he’ll do to a child an adult or another animal.

If Mr.Zandlo is convicted he will face a maximum penalty & Heather Severt the State Director of the Humane Society of the US in West Virginia will see to it that he does! Zero tolerance for these incredible demonic barbaric crimes! Grace’s life was slaughtered & abused to death & others like Grace must be protected with laws against sexual animal abuse mutilator murderers! The penalties against the animal abuser predators must be as stringent & severe as they can be! They must be locked up or face an institution for the criminally insane if they’re declared criminally insane & if some insane judge lets them go with impunity then have their wages garnished & bank accounts frozen. When I read & signed the petition for Justice for Grace of which all Animal Petitions are for justice for an animal that’s just been killed by an animal abuser killer or maimed & terribly hurt by the countless animal abusers who’re living uncaught with impunity & without accountability which is a disaster for any area where these murdering ghouls of evil leave their mark of savage depravity.

There was puppy rape before on the animal petitions website & it was in Rustavi Georgia in July 2016. In this other horror of puppy rape, murder, death two teenage hoodlum killers were responsible for the torture, rape, murder, death of a puppy bleeding to death. Nothing ever happened to these evil perpetrators either who’re two teens whose identifies are known in the former Soviet Georgia. These evil ghouls with bloody hands & minds got away with impunity! The puppy was found dead bleeding after his abhorrent rape left abandoned & horribly murdered with no justice manifested or attempted in the aftermath of the puppies agonizing murder rape. This puppy was also tortured & had such fatal injuries that the sweet innocent puppy could not be saved! This lethal level of brutality & criminality to animals is dangerously prevalent & diseases a society with a tolerance for they have a society in this former soviet Georgia where there’s so much tolerance & an underlying acceptance of violence as if normalizing violence is the norm there! This is intolerable in any society yet it prevails in the former Soviet Georgia. It horrifies me to know that this case & other cases like this savagely murdered raped puppy could go unpunished & this type of heinous sadistic violence is not being punished nor are the hoodlums being held accountable! Under code 159 code of the former Soviet Georgia which isn’t worth the paper it’s written on indicates that the laws are on the side of abused & ill treated animals but the laws & the law enforcement agencies in the former Soviet Georgia do nothing to defend abused or endangered animals or to execute strict laws & show that no animal should ever be subjected to violence! This bleeding savagely murdered victim puppy has no justice because his odious abhorrent thug killers were never sentenced or found!! So it seems that no decent human in the former Soviet Georgia gave a damn to execute human decency & bring the hoodlum thug murderer puppy rapists to justice nor did anyone condemn puppy rape murder. This society in the former Soviet Georgia claims to have Christian values but it maliciously murders those values with their program of impunity to the rampaging violator felon animal killers.

They are diabolical hypocrites & tolerant apologetic advocates of murder in their society who condone violence & encourage violence on the innocent animals & I’m sure innocent people as well. That bleeding raped murdered puppy & the others like him haunts me & also the rage against the tolerant enablers who practice impunity is detestable & a societal scourge to be outraged that brings their society to the brink of many more disasters!

Snapshot & social media is being used as a venue to show off the murder of animals & people is a sounding alarm of legalizing murder in our society. More & More Facebook & social media is manifesting a very violent dark side trend like murder of animals on Facebook or the murder of a derelict man doing nothing but being a chosen target by the murderer who showed off his murder accomplishment to the world. It seems that Mr.Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook never makes a verbal condemnation of the thugs & violators of these animal murders many times on social media. Zuckerberg’s statement about the Facebook murder of the derelict was all too weak. All the social media outlets should get together to intensely pursue these odious dangerous animal cruelty culprits & have them imprisoned & punished to the extreme. Animal murder & murder in general should be outlawed in social media & if committed the killers shouldn’t get away. This is out of control!

On snapshot is the horrible case of a murdered Kangaroo comes to mind as a case of a murder of an innocent kangaroo who was run down & tortured & the murder skills don’t cease to exist as the poor innocent kangaroo endured the pain of a lit cigarette, the beating & then to overkill with more overkill the guttersnipe killers started to stomp on the poor innocent kangaroo to make barbaric acts of animal cruelty more barbaric. This happened in Australia where such acts are punishable by law. The horror of the Kangaroo mutilation didn’t end there as his killers stomped on him so savagely that the kangaroos’ eye sockets were ejected & the kangaroos head was decapitated all for the thrill of murdering the innocent. The kangaroo died in indescribable pain not knowing why he was being brutalized to death!

The unlimited cruelty of this act staggers the mind & leaves us empty of hope for continued life on earth as man’s inhumanity to living creatures is the extinction of all! In Australia this act of egregious animal barbaric cruelty by thugs who don’t deserve to breathe is punishable by four years in prison & 50,000 dollars in fines. The Kangaroo horror murder was an animal petition on website which I & so many other animal rights activists signed. I don’t know to this day if the Kangaroo murderer barbarians were caught & punished which is very troubling.

They’re countless horrors out there against all animals on the planet & Peta & other spot on animal rights organizations are out there saving as many animals as possible. We have the case of America’s living treasures the Mustang horses & all western wild horses in jeopardy as their lives hang on a thread at the possibility of them being destroyed by the Bureau of Land Management but I have so much faith in Peta’s global acts of miracles for animals in jeopardy that perhaps Peta President Ingrid Newkirk & her miraculous works of mercy can change the tide here.

These living treasures the Mustang wild horses out west in the USA must not be slaughtered! Recently there were very grisly cat killer stories in England of a psychopath poisoning cats to death. The poisoner I heard wasn’t caught & brought to justice that I know of. All over the world the enforcement agencies must go after animal killer abusers the same way they go after terrorists. I believe that Mr.Zuckerberg of Facebook & his billion dollar business should be an example of moral & high humane standards but it isn’t because none of those standards exist on social media because Facebook as well is not just a venue for odious acts of animal crimes but is also a venue for pornography & live murder or live animal cruelty on Facebook which should be outlawed but it isn’t! When a school in Texas uses the intestines of butchered dissected cats which were dissected in the classroom & the teacher allows the school children to jump rope with the cat’s intestines which occurred in a Texas school this also is an abomination of human civilization.

How can a teacher allow that unless the teacher is a serial sadist pervert? Science in the classroom should never involve killing a living creature & then jumping rope with its intestines or anything else from a butchered sentient being! This Jack the ripper mentality in so many societies should never normalize animal cruelty! Nosey the elephant who’s been abused for so many years should be freed to go to a reputable sanctuary & his abuser Hugo Libel should be locked up & made to pay fines for the rest of his life!

The best karma is the righteous & swiftest one as in the case of South African Theunis Botha a famous hunter of wild life & a trophy hunter. Mr.Botha went to Zimbawe to hunt & kill. The unexpected karma occurred when three elephants ran toward Botha who Botha shot dead but then a fourth elephant took a grab on Botha & lifted him up with her trunk as this female elephant defended her family from the wanton killing of Mr.Botha but Mr.Botha had an unexpected twist of karmic fate awaiting him thinking that when another hunter in Mr.Botha’s party took a bullet to this fourth elephant he was safe but this fourth elephant who had Botha up on her trunk & who tried to fight for her family was brutally shot by the other shooter in Botha’s party but then the genuine karma came upon Mr.Botha as Mr.Botha never expected to have this shot dead fourth elephant collapse on him to kill Mr.Botha! If that isn’t a justified karma looking at you right in the eye & acting out the final karmic act of justice for the killer then nothing is!