Some years ago I facilitated a group of people who were facing their impending divorce. Most had been battered through the results of living in an environment that did little or nothing to uphold who they were inside. They had lost themselves through the continuous assault of catering to someone else's wishes.

Surround yourself with integrity-minded

“they are your champions and recognize that you being in your integrity

is not only in your highest good, but will benefit the world as well

because they know that you (and they)

are here for something much bigger than yourself".

Kelley Kosow

One day I took them through an exercise of recognizing their worth. It went like this.

Think of someone you treasure.

On this slip of paper, write down how much this person means to you and something you love about them.

Picture them in their happiest moments, doing something they love to do.

Now tell them why they are so special to you.

No one had trouble writing. They smiled, they scribbled, they asked for more paper.

And then I asked them to Be Still. And to read that same message to themselves.

Silence. Shock. Struggle. Tears.

Why is it that we can so easily recognize how someone else shines in their life? How we can value their strengths, their humour, their "specialness"? But doing that for ourselves does not come easily?

I have just finished reading The Integrity Advantage: Step into Your Truth, Love Your Life, and Claim Your Magnificence. This book tells us a whole lot of what we already know, but don't choose to do.

It asks us to examine our habits, our thoughts, the stories about our past and to think about the language we use in each moment. It asks us to be open to the Universe.

When we ask, we transform from limited to limitless. Kelley Kosow (Click to Tweet)

So I ask you this, be bold and look beyond your fear. Take a step today to being the magnificent person that you are. Don't do a "should". Create consciously. You are not a victim.

If you are ready to find You, this book could change your life.

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