Source: Me..backyard Disc visit Original. No manipulations
I think it's important that people take a look at this video on @youtube called...

"Why this Video was banned Worldwide_Flat Earth Explained 100%"

The channel is run by... "AAU"

I will be adding pictures that I have taken over the past 7 months in my backyard skies to all the pieces I write on here even if NOT related to the piece...because in a sense they are in the BIG picture.
I hope you'll take the time to EXAMINE & THINK outside the box on them.
I will note that I live in Texas which has MANY Military bases & NASA was here & may still be...who knows.
I find these pictures very enlightening revealing and hopefully helpful to anyone who will struggle or just be down right PISSED...on the possible implications and the levels to which they can extend...The video ties me anyway...
Each person must discern info for themselves and seek guidance where ever it is you find it.
I began taking pictures at night with my cell phone camera and months later discovered the magnification & coloring features
That's how I ended up stumbling on things that still dismay me to this moment in time.
You can't magnify or color something that not there.
All began in anticipation of the September eclipse, but I got far more than I could have ever imagined and ended up taking sky pictures day & night switching up times to get different angles on the sun & moon.
The discs are a seperate & different deal & are rarely altered by magnification or coloring.99% are taken in my yard.They've been around since before the eclipse OR the discovery of enhancing.
All Glory to Jesus the Christ