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Nancy Pelosi in her warped thinking has decided to bring DACA people into the HOUSE for the State of the Union address from President Trump
She acts like a HARD CORE cokehead..seriously,,,
I would LOVE to see OUR President bring in ICE officers to ARREST HER & The DACA ingrates on the SPOT & SHOW the DEMOCRATS & New World Order RINO republicans what the NEW STATE of the UNION CUFFING THEM before they EVER enter the HOUSE.
The BEHAVIOR of these non citizens is a THREAT to our PRESIDENT and Nancy Pelosi is aiding & abeting these criminals by bringing them into OUR HOUSES.
Is one earmarked to KILL TRUMP?
They'd just be deported & return...easy.
If DACA has something to say they can GO to THEIR countries of BIRTH to complain as they BITCH OUT their PARENTS or KIDNAPPERS for putting them in this position.
America IS the DREAM...America ALLOWS you to "PURSUE" happiness.
Illegals saying they are DREAMERS that are dreaming OUR DREAM are'nt...OUR dream has ALREADY come true...OUR COUNTRY...
THEY want to turn it into the NIGHTMARES they FLED...
They need to GO HOME with their FREE education..(their parents dream).... with their PARENTS and make THEIR countries into the DREAM so that THEY can pursue THEIR happiness without destroying OURS
I'm sick of it all and I have lived through this TOO many times considering what our country has been through AND done for other countries at OUR peoples EXPENSE.