If you face Quicken transaction issues, right from failing to download transactions to failing to update your transactions, you could follow a few easy steps to get the problem solved. In case you want expert advice, you can also contact quicken toll free number to get immediate assistance.

Let us look at some of the most common troubleshooting steps that can help you resolve your issues when Quicken doesn’t update your transactions.

1. Check your internet connectivity
The basic thing you need to do is check whether or not your system is properly connected to the LAN or Wi-Fi and is able to receive internet signals. Sometimes, due to poor internet connection, Quicken might not be able to update your transactions.

2. Whether you have the correct account settings
In case you have issues with account like the password or username, you must get it rectified first. Remember whether you changed the password recently or not. Enter the correct account details to continue using it.

3. You financial institutions’ server is offline
You must check whether the financial institution that you are interested in downloading your transactions from, is performing any kind of maintenance on their server end. You can wait for a few hours before re-attempting the download again.

If you are still not able to solve your Quicken Transaction Issues, you can contact quicken chat online support and seek the expert advice from their technical staff.