Source: Photographer unknown, from the online newsletter Knowledge@Wharton

Feb 6th, 2018

I believed all the pundits, so I opened an IRA
And watched it spike up and down year after year,
I talked to my broker and he reassured me,
He said that those mood swings were nothing to fear.

“It’s a beautiful system, the unfettered free market,
It don’t care if you’re rich or you’ve just got a bit,
Of retirement money. That’s where you should park it,
Don’t believe all that do-gooder socialist shit.”

I once had some money, but the day traders took it,
They sold off their assets and collected the cash,
Executives took away all the money in 401 ks
To the Virgins, and Caymans where they hoarded their stash.

This gambling scheme that they call the free market,
Is a trick that they play with your money on paper,
You’d better be careful of the fox in the henhouse,
There’s not much you can do when it’s all turned to vapor.