With a lot of focus and light shed on immigration and the status of newcomers, the City of Bothell, Washington stands at the crossroads. Immigrants, even the undocumented ones and the ones with their legal paperwork in the pending state, want and deserve to feel that they are playing a positive role in the community. At the same time, the police department and those in the public office hold the responsibility towards the community as a whole and want to make sure that Bothell stays safe for everyone.

New Law Dilemma:
Donald Trump publicly announced his opinions and plans regarding immigrants. If you are looking for the best research paper writing service about the issue, you’d know that his proposal of the Great Wall is one among many of the measures that he plans to actually put into action. His main concern was and remains to be cutting down the number of those who are seeking permanent citizenship and residence in the USA. The new immigration law aims to cut the number of immigrants into half over the next ten years. The law suggests that the priority will be given to those who can already speak English well and who are well educated.
This law eliminates the diversity visa lottery which granted a yearly number of 50,000 visas to settler who wanted to have a better future for themselves and their families. It will deny less privileged candidates from securing a better and safer future away from war zones and areas of conflict or where they suffer from political, religious and sexual persecution. With the number of refugees increasing, a lot of people will be left with no chance.

In the past, the USA represented a dream come true for those who wanted to escape the nightmares they had to endure in their home countries. Leaving home is never easy, but sometimes it is what it takes to survive. The city of Bothell actually welcomed a lot of them over the past years, even held special training courses for service providers who were interested in helping settlers. But this was all about to change. With the new law proposal, the less privileged immigrants will not stand a chance. The doors will be closed to their faces, and they will have to deal with whatever the terrible situation they want to escape in the first place.
US Immigration laws didn’t favor a race or nationality. The doors were open for everybody who wanted to seek legal citizenship provided that they stay in compliance with the legal procedures. But things have changed. Today if you are dealing with a terrible or life-threatening situation at home, there is nowhere to run. With a list of the countries where the residents are already suffering from military or social conflict, those immigrants will either have to face death or seek illegal routes to secure a decent living in the USA.

The City of Bothell Makes a Stand:
In spite of the current immigration laws, the Police department of the city of Bothell (BPD) has decided to refrain from inquiring about an immigrant’s legal status. The immigration and naturalization process can take up to years given the new immigration act. However, during that period those new immigrants, documented and undocumented, will be living in the community, taking part in various activities and dealing with citizens. Carol Cummings, Chief of Bothell Police department believes that by cutting the quantity of settlers, regardless of their legal status, we can promote their role as active community members. Nobody wants to be detained for reporting a crime or for helping someone in need. Some migrants would prefer to stay in the shadows even if they are to save someone’s life, simply because they might face the dread of deportation.

A New Chance:
If the legal issue of new or undocumented foreigners is addressed by the police department, those immigrants will have no access to legal jobs that require the proper documentation, leaving them no room to make a living except by engaging in illegal activities. The Chief of the police department believes that turning a blind eye to the legal status of a resident might lower the number of crimes in the community.
Newcomers should be able to secure decent jobs, join schools and have access to medical care. If they fear deportation, their needs won’t disappear, but they will find illegal ways to satisfy them. The City of Bothell understands this well, and this is why the community members have decided to reach out to people who want to live decently and enjoy their lives, without harming anybody.
Those people should be able to go to the malls and buy their needs, talk to others without fear and even stand in fear of crime provided that they comply with the current laws that aim to make Bothell a secure and safe community for everybody.

The Police department has decided to leave all the immigrant-related issues to the federal government; the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and other related entities. This means that if an immigrant is to deal with the police department in any way, they will not be asked about their legal status, paperwork or documents. It also states that foreigners will not have to fear to report a criminal activity if they witness one. However, this excludes the ones who already have a criminal record.
The BPD focuses on the well-being of the community as a whole which involves protecting all the members regarding of their legal status and sees no contradiction between immigration and nationality. Illegal entry is not an issue addressed by the police department, but criminal activity is. Everyone who is to engage in criminal activity that would jeopardize the well-being of the residents in Bothell will be subject to prosecution, immigrant or not.