We all had a Disney film that we love and could watch on repeat.
Mine is Mulan it started out her getting ready to meet the match maker so she could get married and bring honor to the family. She made too many mistakes and was told she would never meet a man.
Later on her dad got called up to fight in the war he was too old to fight and she begged him not to go. So instead to save her father she decided to go to eat and dress like a man so her father wouldn't have to. At first she struggled simply because wasn't strong enough but she found her strength and used this to save the people of China. The army discovered she was a woman and wanted nothing to do with her. She was left behind, it was then she discovered the army they were fighting against was still active. So she went to the empire of China dressed as a woman she was ignored by everyone. Her voice wasnt heard simply because she was a girl.
She didn't let that stop her she fought hard and eventually her voice was heard when it was too late. She didn't stop she took control of the situation and was the one to save the China. She was strong she didn't let anyone tell her no and she never gave up. She did something not even the men could do and she had to work a lot harder than they did.
I'm not a feminist I was raised by my dad and I value men's rights just the same as I value women's.
Beauty isn't about how we look but it's about who you are. These are all life lessons from a Disney princess who lived her life the way she chose to in a time where women rights wasn't as valued. I didn't have the "girly" shopping days instead I watched my dad fix his car. I remember being 12 I was copying my older brother climbing something. My grandmother told me it was immature and not very lady like to climb. Wearing pretty clothes and being dressed up was how I was supposed to look. So every time I saw her I put on things I wouldn't normally wear and I wore make up because I wanted her to see me as the granddaughter she wanted a girly girl who loved shopping.
She said I wasn't a girl I was more like a boy honestly it wasn't a insult because men are great as well but I was a girl who just didn't like fashion. I respect her so much but we are different women we view things so differently but she inspires me so much. I value kindness and strength being a woman isn't about how you look but the beauty you are in the inside. Personally I don't like make up but it doesn't make me any less of a woman that I am. You need to do what makes you happy because your opinion is the only one that matters.
Happy international women's Day . Be who you are and don't let anyone get in your way if you want to achieve something let your voice be heard.