To survive in today's world it seems that you must be an expert on something. Only then, do you garner any attention. You must profess to be the "go-to" person in your niche.

Well, quite frankly I'm sick of it.

My email is inundated with tips on every imaginable subject, from being the best networker to gaining one zillion likes on your latest post. These messages basically say that you've got to be the best or no one will love you.

"You need to be an expert." No wonder that our children are suffering from anxiety in grade one, and others are panicky about having the perfect wedding. Oh, and don't forget about getting the "forever" home even if you can't quite afford it.

Guess what folks, life is not perfect. And the sooner we all know that the happier we will be.

Here's a secret for you. I am not really an expert on anything but it doesn't prevent me from being pretty darn happy on most days.

It's time for us to not always want to be the best. We need to smile at our failings and love each other because we're all trying every day.

In matters of calm - I've been known to be judgmental and speak under my breath. And it's not always kind although my face is still smiling.

On the walking path - yes, I can hold my own for speed. For a short while. Because there are times that I much rather stop to take a photo or I get distracted by a group passing by. And every half-marathon I do I start to get bored at kilometer 16 or so. Every single time.

I've gained a "few" followers on social media - but I just don't reach out and support them and build my tribe because as a writer I'm basically a solitary creature. I admit it and it doesn't need defending.

As much as I try to be courteous and kind, I'm sure I annoy the heck out of some people. Sort of similar as when they annoy me. I am not an expert on zen-like behaviour.

I can tidy up as Marie Kondo would suggest, but just so you know there is paperwork I'm hiding in a box just because I'm too lazy to shred it all.

I'm not an expert on finances - although I know a few tricks with bonus points at the grocery store and readily show my coupon at Sobey's to stock up on wine. Hmm, maybe I'm closest to being an expert on this one!

I can put together a stretchy bracelet but sometimes the knot shows and I'm just too tired to take it apart and do it again. I also like to find treasures at our local Value Village on their sale day. And this can seriously take up time if you know what I mean so my time management is not what it used to be.

Anyone can look for fashion
in a boutique or history in a museum.
The creative explorer looks for history
in a hardware store
and fashion in an airport.
Robert Wieder

There are a bunch of books on my shelf that I will never read partly due to the fact that I enjoy the public library too much. And the other part because I liked the cover of the book. And I keep hearing about another book and another book and..

Pinterest and YouTube can distract me for hours - although there appears to be some valuable information there too. And maybe someday I'll make that scrumptious looking cream cheese filled chocolate muffin.

After many years of studying yoga, I am far from being "effortless" in some poses. The one headstand I did years ago is going to have to be the only headstand I ever do. I've learned to accept that.

Are you getting the gist of this? I don't know about you, but I'm too busy doing a hundred things to become an expert on anything. (Tweet This)

So let's not be experts together.

Let's drop our to-do list to meet for coffee. Laugh at old photos of the get-ups we wore. Shake our heads at how our children worry about throwing the perfect birthday party for a two-year-old.

I am definitely not an expert at anything. And I like it that way. It takes the pressure off.


Accepting oneself does not preclude
an attempt to become better.
Flannery O’Connor

We can be ourselves and we're still allowed to grow, and change, and make an impact on those around us.

And please remember, You are loved by the important people in your life even if you are not an "expert". (Tweet This)

Now it's your turn. Tell me, what are you not an expert at?