A salvation seems impossible. Any intelligent person pouring over the evidence knows how bleak it looks. We humans are destroying the planet and of course, promoting our extinction.

But when history is included, we humans are ever poised on the brink of extinction. In reviewing humanity’s ancestry, we were ever struggling to keep extinction from engulfing us. At this time even with our great power to destroy ourselves and the earth, we are pretty vulnerable beings.

There was never a golden age. You disagree? Look again and check carefully. Have you overlooked the threats that lurked and loomed at every turn? The demise could be anything, including a happening of being annihilated by a super bug into which we had no input. Our resilience as we interacted with these threats is proven in our numbers. We did well.

Interestingly these threats, ever with us, result in the need for solutions and inspires the creative problem solving capacity of our brains. Even more interesting is that this brain exercise and expansion of consciousness occurs because of the process of problem solving. It seems almost by design? Could the wonder of this design be random? And can we humans with our limitations understand the force in this creative evolution. We are part of it, we create and change and have no guidance except our own.

Creating solutions is difficult these days. The problems are deeply complex, interwoven into a thick fabric of nonsense. What’s more, we now know, our solutions create new problems because of our lack of understanding of the complete problem we think was settled. Oops is a common utterance! Plastic comes to mind.

We also are obtuse to what relationship means. Currently, in my estimate, very few understand relationship. When a human relationship goes wrong, we blame the other or in some cases blame ourselves. This proves we do not get it. There is no fault, there is no blame. What is created by relationship falls under the heading of innocent.

This universe exists solely because of relationship between things. Nothing exists without a dependency on something. Nothing is separate, we are actually a one thing created by the energy between things. Ignore a baby at birth, and mostly, that child will wither and having no encouragement to open its potential. It will shrivel into itself. If there is no relationship to promote its stay with us, a baby will suffer and eventually leave although some take up to their early thirties to do it.

Someone tried to explain relationship with the example of how a butterfly’s wings causes a hurricane on the other side of the world. It is a great metaphor and in my opinion, accurately demonstrates the fragility and complexity of relationship.

So what do we do?

Our favoured way is to complain about the problems and see them as signs of our end. No argument there, it certainly could be.

Unfortunately, creating a solution from this belief will conjure a temporary answer which will eventually ensure the very thing we fear, our demise. The belief in humanity's eventual extinction develops a vision myopically blinded by our idea of certain demise. We become less efficient at inventing a solution.

In contrast, when we believe there could be a solution, we humans are incredible at inventing formidable answers. The evidence is all around us for this too; genius solutions to problems that at the time were overwhelming and seemingly had no resolution.

The difference between the two methods is simple. The geniuses who had these ideas shared one common intent, love for humanity. They worked from within a love stance. They had ideas from within a base of infinite continuance. They not only thought of themselves but bettered the way for future generations.

This made all the difference in the solutions they offered humanity and the earth. Power or money was not one of their chosen cards. Instead they chose the card for-the-good-of-the-all and of course, during their life time, experienced little attention or respect.

Love solves problems in a better way than doubt and fear. And if it turns out the super bug wipes most of us out, guaranteed, there will be a survivor here and there. We humans are resilient and creative. We will go on in one form or another. We once walked on all fours and were covered in fur.

That the current balance will be gone, won’t matter. We will be beginning again. Pushing for something or if somehow, it is possible to completely extinct us in our present form, we will be something else.

So let’s enjoy being alive until we are no longer. Let’s take a chance and believe we are in the cocoon phase, at least, us individually – never mind who isn’t. Let’s be kind whenever possible. Let’s offer a hand whenever needed. And when the crazies are about, let’s show them how much better it is to be in ease rather than grasping.

Why not? What’s to lose?