Listening deeply to what you say, I respond to the covert message in your words. Stunned your inner self has been heard, you scramble to cloak it. That you are surprised and respond in defense, surprises me. What did I do?

I cannot help hearing your inner voice my friend, it is quite loud. Was I supposed to ignore it? I am sorry, your expectation was unavailable to me. I heard your pain and without hesitation, reached out to comfort you. Feeling the depth of it, I had to embrace you. Being a healer condemns me to the problems of empathy. Clearly, you have not learnt when an empath feels another’s pain, it is their nature to soothe.

Ah, I see. You do not consider me a healer? And I guess, even if you suspect I could be, there are no supporting credentials? Yes, I understand this now. I have no credentials so how could I be a healer? After all, credentials are evidence of endorsement from credible authorities and no certification hangs on my wall. If you had considered me a healer, your response would have been one of curiosity not protection.

Because my healing skill is the antidote for self-imprisonment, I was endowed with a talent for detecting a prisoner’s pain. A further complication in our interaction is the ignorance that self liberation in its design, cannot proclaim liberty using outside authorities or bestowed upon credentials. Self-liberation answers exclusively to its own authority. I am violating nothing by hearing what's obvious or handing you a map when you confess to being lost.

You did not know you hummed!? Oh dear. This causes you shock and embarrassment, rushing you into protection. I get it. You are ashamed someone knows something you might not. This is not your fault, it is an effect of the imprisonment.

My empathetic tendency has been difficult on both of us. You were not ready to face the truth. You had no idea you were imprisoned. For me to point to an escape route without your permission (as you perceive it), violates your privacy. You do not want me to hear what you have not told me.

Telling me, "If you hear humming in the future, please ignore it and do nothing," causes me a problem. It is like seeing you in chains, listening to your cries of pain while holding instructions to set you free. It goes against my nature to ignore you. Your error is believing I am an authority trying to do something for you and therefore interfering, this is not possible. It is ever a free choice to follow the instructions, much like a map showing you the way. Only you can take the journey and liberate your self.

I remain feeling you suffer, knowing what would release you but unable to share it. If I want to continue in love with you, I will need to respect your request for distance. Proudly, you would rather remain in prison than learn something new. I will need to pretend there is no elephant in the room with us.

So be it, my beloved. Out of regard for you, I bow to the first lesson in self liberation - choice - whatever your choice.

I hear you whisper, “Thanks for trying.”

Paused, searching for the sense of what you have just said to me, I nod to your ego. It grins back, relieved it is still your master.