We have set up our desks, in different rooms. Our flat has only one bedroom and one combined living/dining/kitchen area, so we will take turns using each space. We may even work from the same desk but we wanted options... even true love may not be able to withstand a month of social distancing.

7.10am: We wake up. We lie in bed for a few minutes, as we always do. We breakfast together, as we always do.
7.50am: We go for a run. The streets are empty and the park large so we can keep a safe distance. It is eerily quiet. The spring green glows under the early sun. It is beautiful. I breathe in deep and allow my body to unclench.
8.50am: We return home. We shower. We get ready for work.
9.30am: I wish her a good day at work and depart for the bedroom desk.
9.40am: She comes to tell me she misses me.
10.25am: I am hungry. I go to the other room and make us tea. None of this feels real. It is like a play.
12.10pm: I phone my mother. She tells me she can no longer visit my grandmother in her care home.
12.38pm: I want lunch but it is not our set lunch time. I do twenty sit-ups. I look out of the window. I focus on my breath. I allow myself a pause.