Today we watched the news live for the first time in months, eager for some clarity. Part of the stress of isolation is not know when or if we will no longer be allowed to exercise in the parks. Without that our sanity will take a hit; my restless, roaming nature does not do well in confinement.

Today we ran in the rain. Normally I would moan but I welcomed its cool drizzle on my upturned face. The feel of solid earth beneath my feet and the sound of birds - even in the middle of London - make me feel I can breathe again. The sweat on my body and the ache in my legs only makes me feel more alive.

Today I finished my puzzle. I spent too much time on the internet. I ate more than I needed because my body is still hungry. We practiced yoga in the evening, pushing the sofa aside to make room for our mats. Normally I find the slow, measured pace trying, but today it was calming. A familiar thing in unfamiliar times.