She changed directions like a swirling wind,
fluttering aimlessly again and again
until a prevailing breeze
brought her to her knees.

Birth of a novel creation.

A flighty bird no more--
she was changed to the core.
Now she clearly saw her destined path.
Unfortunately, it included wrath.

She had become involved with a user.
Now it was time to be a steadfast accuser.
With determination,
she vowed to confront her abuser.

She was finally ready for some grinding.
The road ahead may be long and winding
but there must be no more hiding.

The time had come to unveil his sins
so she could begin again.
It was clear
she needed to change gears.
To shed a life filled with paralysing fear,
she must don a cloak of courage to accept and hear
the naysayers and doubters,
the haters and shouters,
his backers,
and all the attackers.

Stand up and be proud.
Shout it loud.
You know what happened
and others don't,
so wrap yourself up in a protective coat
that allows you to ignore those who won't support
because your truth can become your protective fort.