We hadn’t seen each other in ten years, and the feeling throughout my body was like electric pulses when we made eye contact. He looked the same, with no extraordinary changes to note; yet I swooned, my mouth went dry and my palms started to sweat. The thing about him wasn’t about looks or even personality, the person he became behind closed doors called to me. My very own siren song of short breaths and sinful whispers, the memories crept out from my mind and made their way down my body; grabbing and caressing me the same way he used to.

I knew I had to have it again. I needed it. My mind raced with the things we used to do, and the places we used to do them. I placed myself along his line of sight through the night, next to him when a seat opened up and that’s when it happened. He turned to face me, his head tilted down with a familiar look in his eyes; his lips pursed into a grin I’d seen a million times before. He needed it too.

After this moment of heavy eye contact, he reached for my thigh, dragging his fingertips along my skin before settling his hand down and giving me a little squeeze. He leaned into me, “How have you been baby girl?” squeezing tighter as he called me his favorite pet name. The blood felt like it left my body draining from my head out the bottoms of my feet, I was still his and I knew that.

Flustered, my eyes went wide and he just laughed at me, that breathy laugh he saves for moments like this, the one he uses to make me melt. “I’ve been good.” I forced the words out, trying desperately not to look the way he made me feel. I was throbbing, soaking, I was aching for him to touch me. I looked up at him as he pulled away, just him looking down at me made me crumble.

He offered to drive me home at the end of the night, I agreed but I was nervous to even get in his car. This man had me figured out, one touch, and I would fold; So of course, I said yes. I deserved to be fucked like that again and if he was going to open the door for me to get it, I couldn’t help but walk on through.

He gripped my thigh as we drove along, working his way closer to my pussy with every movement of his hand. As he pulled up and put the car in park, I could feel my heartbeat between my legs; I could feel him looking at me, his gaze burning into the side of my face and working its way down my body. “Look at me baby, Daddy wants to see your pretty face.” My soul left my body, he knew exactly what he was doing. I swallowed hard and struggled to find the words to respond, as I began to stutter his hand passed by my hair and he grabbed my chin; the feeling of his thumb under my lips made my mouth water. He pulled me to face him, I held his gaze for a few seconds before I tried to look down but he held me in place. His eyes traced my face and worked their way down my body, I could feel him on the edge of every curve. “Tell me what you want princess,” he whispered.

He held my chin still and stared into my eyes, my mouth was open and I tried to speak but I was paralyzed. He grinned at me again, satisfied with my reaction to his advances. He knew the grip he had on me, he knew all I wanted was for him to take me right there in his car; He knew I wanted to be his whore again. He wanted me to say it. “ I want you to…” he tilted his head forward, nodding to encourage me to continue. “I uh, I want you to use me, Daddy.”

I was still staring into his eyes when he fully smiled at me, he slid his hand down from my chin to my throat; he wrapped his hand around my neck softly at first, trailing my jawline as he settled his thumb at the nape of my neck. “You want me to hurt you, baby? You want me to show that you still belong to Daddy?” My cheeks went hot and I nodded sheepishly, everything about him made me nervous. Everything about what he was about to do left me aching for him inside me, I wanted to be used, I wanted him to disrespect me and leave me a ruined mess. I burned for him.