His fingers trailing down from my chest to my hips sent shock waves through me, I could feel him watching me as I arched my back in anticipation. He laughed, “You’re so fun to play with princess.” I took a quick breath in and met his gaze, I couldn’t speak and I didn't want to; a pretty dumb princess was all I wanted to be in this moment, in every moment with him. He began dragging his nails back up my body, I quivered at his touch. “You’re such a good girl for me.” He gripped my throat, pulling me to his face; I bit my lip and smiled shyly as he pulled me even closer and kissed me hard.

I’ve never been very good in situations like these, I tend to go blank and just nod at him doe-eyed; sometimes I can muster up one-word responses but when he’s looking into my eyes I go dumb. He loves that, dumb big doe-eyes, mouth agape waiting for him to use me. That of course is one of the intriguing things about him, the way he can make me let go of the world for a little while. No thoughts, no responsibilities, just pure sexual bliss; and for a little while nothing matters.

“Say something baby girl, I want you to beg me for it.” my eyes went wide as he choked me tighter. “Good girls use their words.”

“I… I want you to taste me…” I paused, avoiding his eyes. “Please.”

He forced my head up to meet his gaze and held it until he finally whispered, “Please what slut?”

I lost it, I could feel my heartbeat between my legs. “Uhm, please Sir.”

He pinned me down, hand still gripped around my throat he leaned into me and whispered in my ear, “ Do you think you’re funny slut? You know what I want to hear.”

I grinned wide, I loved being punished. I let my brat side show and he didn’t like that, he tamed me a long time ago and he wanted obedience; of course, I gave in I just wanted him to use me violently, “Please taste me Daddy.”

“Now that's a good girl, was that so hard sweetheart?” He pulled me back up, staring into my soul, “Now beg for it since you wanna be a smart ass.”

I was soaking.