answers to your questions

We've tried to anticipate some of the questions you may have. We'll be adding to this list as more arise.

Meanwhile, if you have any other questions, just send us an email at

Everyone can WriteHere. Anyone with more than 280 characters to write, is welcome to share an opinion, tell a story, publish poems or lyrics or a chapter of their book, share news or information.

Bloggers can WriteHere, too. After you post on your blog, copy and paste your work on WriteHere. When you WriteHere, your post will sit alongside all the others on the same subject. Your words join and add to a conversation, open to all interested readers.

There's just one condition: all writers must respect our Guidelines.

Note: You are welcome to read as many posts and comments as you like; you do not have to join our community to explore the site. However, only registered users (who have verified their email by clicking the link we send) can upload their writing or make comments.

No, it's free to WriteHere.

Yes, on your Profile Page you have the opportunity to tell the world about yourself, and include other the places where your writing, or other talents, can be found. This info is then displayed in a box entitled "about the writer" on every Opinion Page.

However, your Profile Page (and the "about the writer" box) is the only place you may do so.

Links to your other blogs or websites within your posts are not welcome. (We check all links.)

We insist upon this because if every writer used their posts to urge readers to visit their blog, or YouTube channel, or buy their product, or whatever, WriteHere would quickly devolve into nothing more than a search site. Google already does a great job of this.

So please remember that the site is for writing opinions, telling stories and sharing original written works - it is not an advertising site. Posts that simply ask readers to visit your blog or website, or merely serve as ads for any products or services you are trying to sell, will be considered unsolicited advertising and will be suspended or deleted.

(Of course, links to relevant pages that support your post, to community notices, or charities, are welcome.)

No, WriteHere is not a country club, it's a virtual Speakers' Corner for the Internet. Any writer is welcome to get on their soapbox and address the world.

They are your thoughts and stories, you own them. You can edit or delete them at any time.

WriteHere may use part or all of your writing to attract readers. If we use your writing in any promotion (a 'share' via social media, or any other medium), a link to your post will be included, thus you will be given proper attribution.

If you wish to quote or share another writer's post we expect that you will give proper attribution to the original creator and provide a link back to the original post on WriteHere.

No, they are your posts and comments, not ours.

However, your posts and comments may be suspended or deleted if considered to be in breach of the site Guidelines. (See below.)

First - our text input area does not currently have spellcheck capabilities. We suggest your write your opinions in a word processing program, like Microsoft Word, then simply copy and paste to WriteHere. This will prevent typos, and help you correct some of the grammar you may have overlooked. It will also ensure you have a copy of all your writing.

It’s easy to make changes to your opinions already posted on WriteHere.

Ensure you are signed in.

Then, whenever you move your cursor over one of your own posts - on your own page, on the Home Page, or on a Topic Page - you will see "Update" and “Delete” buttons appear in the top right corner.

Simply click "Update" and you'll be taken to a page where you can make changes and republish your opinion, or save it as a draft.

Also, whenever you read one of your own posts, the same "Update" button appears next to your byline under the main headline. You can also use this link to edit your writing.

Yes, every time you write you have the option to "save as draft" or "publish my opinion".

If you "save as draft", the post will be saved to your profile page. Only you will be able to see it (when you are signed in). Other readers visiting your profile page will not see your draft posts.

Draft posts can also be published, updated or deleted at any time.

Yes, you can delete your posts any time.

First, ensure you are signed in.

Then, whenever you move your cursor over one of your own posts - on your own page, on the Home Page, or on a Topic Page - you will see "Update" and “Delete” buttons appear in the top right corner

Just click "Delete", then confirm, and your opinion will be deleted from our servers.

(This means it is gone forever. If you want a copy for your scrap book for any reason, highlight the whole lot and copy before you delete it.)

It means your post was in breach of one of our Guidelines.

An email will have been sent outlining the reasons for the suspension of your post - check the email account you use to sign in to WriteHere (and the Junk folder).

You have the option to edit your post to ensure it meets our Guidelines. Simply reply to the email when you are finished editing your post and we will review it for re-publication.

If you choose not to edit your post, we will not be able to accept it for re-publication on WriteHere. All suspended posts are periodically deleted from our servers.

Note: Only you will be able to see the suspended post (when you are signed in). Other readers visiting your profile page will not see your suspended posts.

We'd love it if you included a picture. However, we expect that you will respect the intellectual property rights of others at all times.

When you upload a picture, you'll notice that we provide a space for you to input the url or the name of the site so that it will be displayed beneath the image. Take the time to do this, it's simple mutual respect among creative people - the creator of the image deserves credit as much as you do for your writing.

Remember, you are solely responsible for all the content that you publish.

Simply highlight the sentence you wish to comment upon. A box will then appear in the right hand margin, where you can type your comment. Then click the "post comment" button.

Please make lots of comments. All writers love feedback. While many of us write for very personal reasons, for 'ourselves', we most definitely write for our 'audience'. So please, if you read something you like, give feedback and encouragement. If you read something you disagree with, explain your POV.

The more we interact, the better the community will be for everyone.

But remember, the comment functionality is for making comments on other writer's posts, it is not a place to promote your own posts, or your blog site, or your product or service. And it is not a place to ask other writers to follow you. We reserve the right to delete 'comments' like this.

Note: You are welcome to read as many posts and comments as you like; you do not have to join our community to explore the site. However, only registered users can write opinions or make comments.

First, ensure you are signed in.

When you read any comment you have made, you will notice there is a "delete your comment" link at the bottom of the comment box. Simply click this link, then confirm, and your comment will be deleted from the post, and from our servers.

Note: No-one else can delete your comments. Only you are able to see this link, and only when viewing your own comments.

The default sorting criterion is "most recent".

A post qualifies to be the "most recent" in three ways:

-being the latest one published

-having a comment made on the post

-being updated by the writer.

So the posts with the most recent 'engagement' are the ones at the top of the page.

Note: You can also search for the "most popular" or "most shared" posts using the drop down menus at the top of the Home Page, or any Topic Page. Posts will then be displayed according to number of views and number of shares respectively.

The reason we offer you the opportunity to link your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts is so that we can help give you what every writer deserves: an audience.

If you choose to link one or more of your social networking accounts, whenever you write a post we give you the option to automatically publicise it to your friends and followers - this includes a link directly back to your writing.

Of course, you don't have to link your social network(s). You can just share your own posts in the same way you would share the posts of other writers: by using the social sharing buttons at the bottom of every post.

Note: we do not use social network credentials for creating accounts or signing into your account. We don't want to advertise on your Wall, nor do we want to stalk your friends and followers. We only use email addresses to verify that you are a real person.

Definitely not. We hate that shit. We don't take spam on the site, and we won't send spam to strangers begging them to join us.

We want people to join our community because they want to; because they've heard great things about us and believe this is a great place to publish their opinions, stories and original writing.

We promise to do everything we can to build a site that has you wanting to invite your friends, and your friends wanting to write with us.

First, you do not have to include any personal details in your profile if you don't want to.

The reason we offer this opportunity is simply to give the people reading your opinions a bit of context.

Where you live, the people and events around you, the things you do - these all influence the person you are and the things you write about. WriteHere is a global community, our writers and readers visit from all over the world, so knowing a few small details helps us understand each other a bit better. (It will also explain why your spelling and idioms may be different from mine!)

This is for readers like you to let us know whenever you believe a piece of writing contravenes our Guidelines.

If you consider a post or comment to be offensive or abusive, if you think it's an infringement of someone else's copyright or trademark, or if you suspect it is written by someone claiming to be someone else, let us know by selecting an option from this menu and we will investigate.

We try to read every post. However, community standards of common courtesy, common decency and common sense are far easier to maintain if the whole community is vigilant.

Please note: the flag menu is not a mechanism for claiming copyright or trademark on a piece of your own writing. If you wish to claim copyright or trademark, you should simply write this at the end of your post.

No, we will not share or sell your information, social interactions, or anything else that's personal.

Yeah, it’s a bit of a drag. Quite frankly, we devoted all our time and energy (and money!) to making sure all the features of the site were computer-ready for launch. It may look simple, but we drove our developers crazy with all the nuances of back-end database and social media integration. And the commenting system gave them nightmares. One day we’ll get around to working on the other platforms. Promise.

flag it, please

If you read any content that you believe contravenes our Guidelines please report it to us by using the "flag" drop down menu that appears at the top of all post pages and in comment windows.

service commitment

We will do everything we can to ensure the WriteHere site is running at all times, and that content submitted by our writers is presented as intended.

However, we do not assume responsibility for the availability, accuracy, retention or deletion of content.

And please keep a copy of your writing. Do not leave it up to us to keep it for you, we have a hard enough time keeping a track of our own stuff.

write to us

We're always working hard to improve the site.

Please don't hesitate to let us know the things you like, and the things you don't, by emailing us at

After all, your opinion is the only one that matters.

what's your opinion?