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Former president Donald Trump warned early Friday of “potential death & destruction” if he is indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, whom Trump called a “degenerate psychopath.” Trump has been the subject of an ongoing Manhattan criminal investigation related to alleged hush-money payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels in order to conceal an affair. During his latest social media barrage, Trump shared a right-wing publication’s image of him holding a baseball bat alongside a picture of District Attorney Bragg’s head. Almost immediately, MAGA supporters began making jokes about physically attacking Bragg.

Gee, how fun! The leading Republican presidential candidate - just threatened to kill us. Now, not to be critical, but that sure sounds like one helluva strange campaign promise, even for today’s GOP. Of course, Trump’s just using the old Mob tactic, "Gee, nice country ya have here. Be a damn shame if anything happened to it.” Frankly, after an outburst like that, the FBI ought to categorize him as a “clear and present dotard.”

Sadly, Trump is now off to Waco for a weekend campaign rally - even though we all know this reprehensible creature really deserves to be off to prison instead. Ironically, we’re just coming up on the 30th anniversary of the Branch Davidian cult disaster in Waco. Why would he choose Waco, you ask? Probably because “Jonestown” in Guyana was all booked up for the weekend. Damn shame David Koresh isn’t around anymore. Hell, he’d have been perfect for Trump’s opening act.

Anyway, this Waco trip is Trump’s first official campaign rally for 2024. Now, if I were his adult children, I think I’d be looking for a long-term care facility for him, not campaigning for him to be President of the United States. Who knows, maybe Trump will finally get his wall now, but if he does, let’s hope its the wall that surrounds the Federal Prison where he’s being held. Who’ll make the arrest? Well, I’m gonna stick my “neck” out here and say my first choice would be Derek Chauvin.

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