Source: YouTube Screen Grab
After a newspaper interview with British Defense Minister Grant Shapps revealed that the United Kingdom was in talks with Ukraine to provide military training, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) accused the British government of trying to start World War III. Greene further added “The U.S. cannot participate. NO AMERICA TROOPS! We must defend our own border.”

Oh, wait! You mean the woman who has been advocating a “National Divorce” and threatening civil war here in the US (if she doesn’t get her way) - is now concerned about WW III? Well, I’ll be! All I can say is, for someone who seems so concerned about WWIII, she sure seems to be in one helluva lot of pics holding high-powered, military-grade automatic weapons.

Besides, just what does the UK training Ukraine troops to defend themselves against a Russian invasion have to do with the US defending its southern border? Am I missing something here? That said, I do have to give Greene credit on one thing - at least she got her World War numbers correct. Trump claimed Biden was trying to start World War II. Now, no matter what you think of Biden, I don’t think he has a “time machine.” While there is plenty of uncertainty in the world today, there is “one thing” you can always count on - Republicans supporting Putin's interests.

Just a suggestion - perhaps US Rep. Greene might consider actually representing her constituents before giving unwanted advice to another country. Now, some may wonder, “Just how in the hell could one of America’s stupidest people get elected to Congress in the first place?” Well, that’s pretty simple to answer. She got voted in by “some of America’s stupidest people.”

You see, turns out Rep. Greene represents what can only be considered as the “Deliverance" part of Georgia. And, because of political schemes like gerrymandering and the antiquated Electoral College, we now find ourselves in a situation where 75-80% of the country is being held hostage by 20-25% of the most willfully ignorant among us. Now, you can call me old-fashioned, but I still yearn for those good old days - when America actually fought fascists, not elected them.

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