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As if their unrelenting verbal volleys were no longer enough, Republicans in both the US House and Senate are now resorting to physical threats and actual physical intimidation as former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy apparently exacted revenge on Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) yesterday for voting to oust him as House Speaker by giving Burchett an “elbow shove in the kidney" as he walked past him in the Capitol. This led Burchett to confront McCarthy in a shouting match. Meanwhile, in the US Senate, Republican Oklahoma Sen. Markwayne Mullin, a former MMA fighter, challenged Teamster boss Sean O’Brien to a fistfight while he was testifying before a Senate committee. Sen. Mullin was pissed about remarks O’Brien made about him on social media. The two probably would have come to blows had not Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) intervened and reminded Mullin that he needs to behave like a US Senator.

Geez, MAGA Republicans are turning Congress into a 5th-grade schoolyard. So, where are our playground monitors, Ms. Nancy Pelosi and Ms. Liz Cheney, when we really need them? Not to be critical, but shouldn’t these half-wits be playing in a sandbox rather than walking the halls of Congress? Frankly, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to hear Tim Burchett complain that Kevin McCarthy also stole all of his lunch money. The fact is, with these Republican toddlers in charge, they probably should rename the joint “The Animal House of Representatives.”

The funny thing is, a lot of MAGA Republican clowns such as Marjorie Trailer Greene have been openly advocating for civil war, but the reality is the only civil war going on - is the one within the Republican Party. So, are we to assume this is what a “Great America” in their “Make America Great” would actually look like? As those great philosophers Larry, Curly, and Moe might have put it, “When you elect clowns, you get a circus.”

Yet, Bernie tried to remind Sen. Markwayne Mullin to act like a US Senator. Ha, that’s a laugh! Hell, this type of theater’s how these folks raise money - they create drama. These folks are serious “Method Actors.” And come on! Is anyone seriously surprised that someone from Oklahoma with a name like "Markwayne" would act out like this? Also, let’s not forget these MAGA folks are heavily armed, so grab yourself some popcorn and find a comfortable seat because these MAGA squabbles are likely to get very interesting - real soon.

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