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The Philadelphia Inquirer has just published a shocking report about “Moms for Liberty” - an American conservative political organization that advocates against COVID protections, masks, vaccines, and school curricula that mention LGBTQIA+ rights, race, ethnicity, Critical Race Theory, and discrimination. Turns out that the Philadelphia chapter of this group is being led by Republican Pastor Phillip Fisher Jr., a 36-year-old registered sex offender who in 2012 pleaded guilty to molesting a 14-year-old boy. This came only a few months after another Moms for Liberty” chapter caused quite a stir when they printed a quote from Adolf Hitler at the top of the front page of their monthly newsletter. After the organization received strong blowback for that, Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice doubled down on the issue by telling followers at a conference that she “stands with the ‘mom’ who posted that quote.”

Gee, wonder if it’s too soon for them to start telling folks, "God has forgiven Pastor Fisher” yet? After all, these Christo-fascists operate in a “revolving door world” of “sinning, getting caught, followed by complete and total forgiveness.” It all works out quite well for them because it means Christian leaders can do whatever the hell they want - no matter how horrific or disgusting - with no consequences whatsoever in the eyes of their followers. I tell ya, these folks are so far to the right they’d make Anita Bryant blush.

Naturally, Pastor Fisher is claiming everything is based on false charges and presided over in court by a biased judge. But never mind that - folks like the Repubs and Moms for Liberty will justify everything with accusations like “You shoulda seen the provocative clothing that boy was wearing” or “That child was just asking for it!” Hell, in their eyes, all Pastor Fisher was doing was offering a little "faith outreach.”

Now, a lot of folks criticized “Mothers for Liberty” for promoting Hitler. All I can say is, “Oh, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph (Goebbels)!” Why not look at it this way: they’ve just become more “inclusive.” First, they were supporting Nasis, and now they’re welcoming “child molesters.” Why these “Mothers for Liberty” folks are “Freedom Fighters.” In fact, they’ve vowed to fight against “freedom and self-expression” - wherever they may find it.

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