Source: "X" Screen Grab
Popular Neo-Nazi Christian Nationalist Nick Fuentes, who dined with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago not long ago, went on a rant on his podcast about how the conservative movement is now “dominated by women who are no longer in fear of their lives when they are around men.” Fuentes added that even the most “masculine men” have their “dumb bitch wives right behind them in their ear.” “They know he is never going to punch her in the face; he's never going to kill her. No wonder she doesn’t respect him.”

Gee, not to sound critical, but it almost seems like this Nick Fuentes fellow doesn’t like women very much. Now, if I’m understanding him correctly - the secret to a successful marriage, according to Nick Fuentes, seems to be “keeping your wife in constant fear for her safety and her life?” By the way, how's date night been going for you, Nick?

Of course, I’m certainly no relationship expert, but I’m pretty sure it seems that if you have to threaten to kill someone in order to get their respect, you might just have a psychological issue or two that needs immediate attention. By the way, that’s really some “70s porn stache” you’ve got going there, Nick. Unfortunately, your mom just called, and she wants her mustache back.

That said, I wish all Republican candidates would include Nick’s rant in their ads because it’s a real winner - just not for their side. New Repub 2024 slogan, “If living under the constant threat of being beaten, raped, or killed sounds appealing - vote Republican!” That sure has a ring to it. Nick’s attitude is basically, “If we can’t even beat, rape, or murder our own wives, then what’s the point of getting married?” And to think we once thought you only hated Jews.

I tell ya, those Republicans definitely have some really classy people on their team! By the way, I hear the Democrats called to say, “Thanks for providing this video clip, Nick. It’ll really be useful in winning back the House in the fall - what a gift. Oh, and please continue saying the “quiet parts” out loud.” One thing’s for sure: should the Orange God actually win the election later this year, Nick’ll be a perfect fit to head up Trump's Health & Human Services Dept.

The funny thing is, for all his macho talk, Nick’s look sure has a definite 70s Village People vibe to it. Poor, confused little guy. Now, to be fair and in his defense, its not easy for a guy like him to sound “manly” when his very own left hand has a restraining order out against him. Hey, I‘ve just thought of a surefire way to see if Mr. Fuentes really is as macho as he claims to be. Let’s put him in the ring with Marjorie Taylor Greene in a “Pay-Per-View,” and may the best fascist win.