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Without doubt Marian Hailey Moss is the most prolific & steadfast children’s writer New York City is blessed to have. The children of the country & the city of New York have the good fortune to have Marian Hailey Moss books become the icon of her compassionate narrative & her epiphany of Mother Nature’s Secret which is the title of Marian Hailey Mosses new book. Mother Nature’s Secret is a kaleidoscope of messages from the core of mother nature making its impact on young minds who not only learn from what Marian Hailey Moss is sharing with young minds but also making these messages about mother nature resonate in the lives of these young minds. Her characters of Cornelia the cow who is a speaking voice piece not only for all farm cows but Cornelia is the bearer of the inner dialogue every cow & farm animal thinks & feels that the perpetuity of the cow’s life or farm animal’s life is what is ethical & right for every cow & all animals dream of keeping their lives not having their lives slaughtered viciously & for mercenary reasons.

The message of having a life of vegan eating resounds throughout because that is the only way we all can say NO to destroying our fellow nature’s creatures which is a sacrilege of nature itself. Marian Hailey Moss shares her appealing joyous characters with Dudley the sweet pup visiting the farm & with Owen the nephew of Farmer Frank who owns the farm which results in a heartwarming series of revelations that come to them & from mother nature herself! Marian Hailey Moss transforms what is to what should be nature’s outcome. Farmers should also read this book & transform their living. Yes a cow can look to the stars & suffer anxieties over being taken away to slaughter as depicted in Marian’s cow Cornelia as her character is one of intelligent emotional expression.

This is what Cornelia the cow does best showing that cows can dream of living their lives without any trucks taking them away to destruction as Marian Hailey Moss reminds us that this really doesn’t have to happen. In Mother Nature’s Secret, Cornelia the cow certainly has a dialogue with the stars asking for mercy & life in her life! In every cow, farm animal & earth animal who knows they’re about to be killed is a screeching cry inside saying “Save me!”. This is what Marian Hailey Moss in her book is trying to convey while mentoring the nature of animals to children & others! Saving Cornelia from being in that dreaded truck is key here. There’s also a bit of surrealistic imagery here when mother nature transforms into a human female coming from the tree with huge human feet & legs asserting those revelations as she appears as a human shape with a grassy skirt & I must say that the illustrations by the talented Marc Chalvin here are quite exuberant, profusely colorful & eye catching. All the farm animals in Marian Hailey Moss children’s book have their own unique personality & they have a dialogue among themselves. This book is no exception. The idea that Cornelia the cow can have communication with other animals & people is a great knowing of nature. Mother nature in Mother Nature’s Secret is adorned in leaves, insects, sparrows & butterflies as this huge persona of nature’s magnificence sharing the tenets of nature that we are all the same in that we all want to keep living as Mother nature points out that honoring life is where it’s at & that while being the same is wanting to live one’s life which is true of Cornelia & all of the farm animals & all of the animals on earth.In her book Marian Hailey Moss laser beams the almighty thought of the animals that none of them want to be eaten!

As Owen awakens as in a trance from Mother Nature’s visitation & message to all of them he was in a trance awakened by pearls of wisdom from Mother nature herself! Cornelia the smart cow that she is in the book repeats Mother Nature’s pearls of wisdom that we are all the same & all the animals look at each other as if Cornelia has lost her mind but all realize that all need the basic needs that we all want our lives to go on peacefully & that we all need love which is the thunderous universal message so we must treat each other with these life affirming actions & acts of honoring the lives of animals as your own. It’s farmer Frank who has a life changing bolt of knowing what he’s done before with his farming habits will no longer be viable or an option. Dudley. Owen & Cornelia share Mother Nature’s Secret & this is a revealing of greatness & peaceful ness with the animals & mother nature never done before for Farmer Frank. His paradigm changes for the better indeed. Farmer Frank is transformed in Marian Hailey Mosses book as never before as he pledges not to ever take his farm animals in that dreaded horrendous truck to slaughter again! In Marian Hailey Mosses book, Frank the farmer’s world is transformed to Peaceful Heart Farm which he names his farm & farmer Frank vows to see that his fruits & vegetables will be sold only. With these glowing thoughts & ideas Marian Hailey Moss also brings farmers to light by mentoring them into peaceful choices that make a world of difference & the deliverance of life to all farm animals. My shared veganism & vegan friendship with Marian is as exuberant & delicious as Mother Nature’s Secret by Marian Hailey Moss which I highly recommend to all children ,teachers carnivores & farmers who haven’t seen the light. Mother Nature’s Secret are the pearls of mother nature’s wisdom created & written in Marian Hailey Mosses inimitable style of compassionate dazzle & mentoring wit. Marc Chalvin’s illustrations are also dazzling & remarkably expressive.