I have a lot of patience
More than most people I know
My FUCKING ANGER is a result of my patience. I hate this shit. Waititng doesn't do it for me ya know. I do not like being on someone else's time. I do not like waiting for something that may or may not happen. When I do shit, I do it till it's done.
This the bullshit though;
I still have to wait for others to do their part.
Funny story, when I was in college and I had to do my theatre final
Everyone was grouping up, trying to get a show going with all thier friends and shit.
I purposely choose not to hire actors for it. No one. Not even close friends
Close friends I KNEW that can act their asses off.
I choose to do a one man show, so I didnt have to worry about others wasting my time and not have the pressure of rushing to do a show when it's not that serious for anyone else.
I did my show, and did it well.
There are times when I do have to wait but I dont want to when I know I need something now
When waiting only makes my situtaion worse
I dont like that shit
Patience is the main cause of my ever lasting Anger.