Random words: sicken, arrange, lure, vulgar, rotten, knife, power, castle.
Characters: Effie O’Neil, Michelle Cooper, Adam & Henry Robertson
Random setting: mid-afternoon, in an airplane, and there's a sad feel to the place.

Effie glared out the window, once again Adam had lured her out of bed and begged her to come with him on an impromptu trip to New York. She turned her head to face Adam, only to see him in a vulgar exchange with the flight attendant. It sickened her to see him whore around with a husband at home. She rolled her eyes, preferring to gaze out the window. “You’re rotten you know,” she stated flatly.

“I can… arrange some entertainment for you dear Effie,” Adam suggested, watching the attendant leave the cabin. He switched his sight to Effie, “Live a little dollface, you'd probably smile more.” He winked.

“If I was going to stab Michelle in the back, she’d be less offended if I used a real knife.” she stared at him intensely. “Seriously Adam I like Henry more than you, he’s the one with the private jet,” she paused pouring herself some champagne, “not to mention the castle,” she took a long gulp while Adam stared at her astonished. “Oh,” she said cheerfully, “and he’s not openly cheating on you.” Adam sighed and rolled his eyes, settling in for a lecture he’d surely ignore. “Adam, you're an insurance consultant, you make $92,000 a year and pay your ex-wife half that easily for the two boys that you haven't seen in the year you paid for but I digress. Henry is too good for you; point blank period. You are on his jet, drinking his bottles, eating his food, and even fucking his flight attendants; but you're still empty inside because he has all the success, all the power."