“Wear a mask,”
They said, they said.
Please place it right there on your head.
Masks will never be out-dated.
If you didn’t feel demaskulated,
Far fewer people would be dead.

“Don’t even ask,”
They cried, they cried,
“I won’t wear this headgear, Fauci lied,
No way will I let this be,
This war on facial liberty.
It’s a hoax, I say no one will die.”

“I’ll go the beach,
I’ll go to the bar,
I’ll take 17 people in my car,
Nobody tells me what to do,
It’s a hoax, my friend, I’m telling you.
6 feet away is way to far!”

Not to cover
is a blunder
This behavior really makes one wonder
Why is it so hard to mask
Your mouth? Why should we have to ask?
Please don’t take us 6 feet under.