God has shown mercy and He has forgiven even to the point of forgetting-
But of what use is to the man who seeks not this grace. The hand ever
Extended is for yet a while rebuffed. Another question arises is it not Possible that man cannot be sure that he has transgressed. Is It not just
Pride but humility not to know. And if this be so is it not equally so that
Man must consider that his final repentance may be to not repent any more till he know with a certainty that he has offended God and not just man
Does man have a reputation for impeccable rightiousness. I give you the
Lord's words: "No man is rightious. No not one"- So if what is true of all Men is it not true of you as well. Do not judge lest you be judged but if You Do- You
Have claim God's mercy. There are ever two sides but the Lord your God is
One. The Kingdom of God is with us even now and heaven envelopes us All. It seems we see from afar while we are in the midst of Love now.