No matter what challenges you face, remember to share them with Jesus. Place Jesus at the forefront of your thoughts, and then consider the problem. If you continually focus on the problem, it can appear larger, and finding a solution can seem elusive.


Instead of worrying about how to solve it or what to do, entrust your troubles to Jesus. He is eager to assist you. Always remember that with Him, you can overcome anything.

When you keep your gaze fixed on Him, your problems will diminish in significance, and His greatness will become more apparent. By praising His name, you will find the inner peace needed to address whatever is troubling you. He will provide both the peace and the solutions you seek.


In your prayers, express gratitude to Jesus for His assistance and provision.

"Jesus, thank you for your help. Jesus, I trust you to provide for me."

Even in moments of tears and despair, keep your head up and your eyes on Him. Instead of starting your sentences with "I," always begin with His beautiful name. With Him and through Him, there is nothing beyond your reach.

Remember, He is right beside you, a constant presence in your journey.