A course in miracles

During today's prayer, the Lord's boundless compassion encompassed a young boy battling leukaemia in hospice care.
The initial revelation uncovered a lingering animosity in the mother's heart from a disagreement with her sibling. As she acknowledged the truth, the Lord illuminated her approach to prayer—a steadfast demand to witness a miracle before embracing faith in God.

This insight proved vital, given the family's passive engagement with their faith and the absence of a personal relationship with God. The parents had opted to defer their children's religious choices until they matured, resulting in the mother's heart becoming calloused, unable to believe in anything, let alone a God they held responsible for their suffering.

Gently, the Lord reminded her that those with faith understand that miracles germinate as seeds in the heart long before they bloom in reality. Such unwavering dedication enables one to believe before seeing, nurturing trust and allowing miracles to unfold.
Moreover, the Lord softened her heart by demonstrating his profound understanding of her doubt and resentment. He reassured her that his purpose was not to judge but to bring healing and offer the miracle of restoration.

Shifting his focus to the boy, the Lord presented a poignant image: a broken egg with its fragmented shell and spilt contents. The seemingly impossible task of mending the shell or retrieving its contents mirrored the fragile state of the young boy's life.
In the physical realm, the outcome appeared grim, the egg irreparably damaged.
Yet, the Lord, the ultimate healer and sustainer of life, delicately gathered the fractured pieces of the shell, methodically reconstructing it.
Gradually, the shell formed a protective cocoon for the life within despite its imperfections.
The once broken shell now boasted a sturdy, flawlessly lined interior.
With unwavering love, the Lord urged the woman to recognise that what seems impossible to humanity is well within his grasp, no matter how daunting the challenge may appear.

He assured her that although healing may require time, it is undoubtedly achievable, revealing the possibility of miracles.
He implored her to trust Him, for only He can revive life and conquer death.

"And Jesus said to him, 'If you can! All things are possible for one who believes.'" (Mark 9:23)