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In a campaign clip released this week on his “Truth Social” platform, former President Donald Trump accused President Joe Biden of “overseeing a Soviet-style persecution of Catholics” and warned that FBI undercover spies are about to infiltrate the churches. Trump added that “Under Crooked Joe Biden, Christians and Americans of faith are being persecuted like nothing this nation has ever seen before.” In response to the alleged persecution, Trump announced that if elected as president again, he would create a new federal task force to fight anti-Christian bias led by a “reformed” Department of Justice that would involve multiple agencies and departments.

Gee whiz! Now, not to be critical, but perhaps someone from the Trump campaign ought to mention to Mr. Trump that Joe Biden has actually been a “devout Catholic” all his life. The thing is, if Trump’s allegations against Biden are actually true, then that means Joe Biden must be so diabolically evil - that he has even decided to “persecute himself.” Thank goodness Trump had the wherewithal to warn those poor, oppressed Catholics about Biden’s devious plan to assemble armed SWAT teams to storm Catholic households and close down all Catholic places of worship. So, folks - this Holiday Season, remember, “You better watch out, you better not cry, and Donald Trump is telling you why - evil Joe Biden is sending in - the FBI.”

What I find quite interesting about a Republican candidate claiming Democrat Joe Biden is persecuting Catholics is that when John F Kennedy ran for President back in the day, Republicans viciously attacked both he and the entire Kennedy family, simply for being Catholics - claiming JFK would take his marching orders directly from the Vatican. So, now, these evangelicals like Catholics? My, my, how times must have changed. Of course, Trump’s favorite phrase is, “This is like nothing this nation has ever seen before.” Well yeah! In fact, TRUMP is something this nation has never seen before,” and if we’re lucky and Jack Smith wins in court - we hopefully never will again.

The fact is, before he entered politics, Trump would have never even stepped foot inside a church, but politician Trump sure knows how to spot a demographic full of suckers when he sees one. This guy really knows his audience and the fact that his base will believe nearly anything - except reality. That reality stuff is for those elite Libtards. You see, Trump realizes his only path to victory is to confuse vulnerable people into getting “really angry about fake issues.” In fact, one might say he’s kind of the “Archbishop of The Church of the Perpetual Victimhood.” Now, there’s some religious credentials his “congregation” can really get behind. Oops, time to pass around the offering plate. After all, the Lord’s frontmen don’t do this shit for free.

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