Source: Don Bolduc Campaign Website
During an interview with Ryan Nobles of NBC News, New Hampshire MAGA Republican candidate for US Senate Don Bolduc insisted that schools in his state have put litter boxes in classrooms for students who identify as “furries” to use. When told that the schools deny this is true, Bolduc said schools lie about everything and that its up to them to prove me wrong, adding that he had heard this directly from a parent.

Wait a minute! So the moron wants the schools to prove a negative? Perhaps someone ought to explain to him that it’s the person “making the claim” who has the burden of proof, not the other way around. I guess he must have cut class the day they were teaching basic logic at school - or, perhaps he was just using the litter box. On the other hand, one might say “proving negatives” is something Republicans routinely do, just by their very existence.

Anyway, thanks to our pal Don Bolduc, it seems NBC News and Ryan Nobles now have a big “scoop” on school litter boxes. My question is, how is it no one has ever seen a photo of one of these classroom litter boxes before? I mean, come on! We even have grainy photos of friggin’ Bigfoot for crying out loud. It isn’t like no one ever has a camera handy. I hear even phones have them these days.

But never mind all that, for Bolduc is a MAGA Republican. That means if a complete stranger who is also a MAGA tells you something is true, then it must be true. Well, I’ll tell you what’s also true. With all the shit he’s been spewing, it looks like its Bolduc who actually needs a litter box. Now, that makes me wonder, is this Don Bolduc character even okay to drive? That said, we definitely know he can drive the “GOP Clown Car” just fine. Oh, and one other little detail, Bolduc is a retired US Army Brigadier General. Let THAT sink in for a moment!

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