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In her post-mid-term election analysis on the big “Red Wave” that never was, Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro complained “What is most disturbing - is that 75% of the people think we’re headed in the wrong direction, yet so many people voted on issues that weren’t the issues we thought they were voting on. We thought it was about the economy, inflation, and crime, but it was a lot about abortion and the threat to democracy.”

Gee, so sorry, Judge! I suppose that’s what can happen when you live and proselytize - exclusively in a MAGA cult bubble. Of course, translated - what she really said was, “all our fear-mongering about inflation, Critical Race Theory, transgender athletes, the border, and black crime, didn’t really scare folks as much as it was supposed to.” Then, Judge Jeanine accidentally said the “quiet part” out loud, when she basically implied “people voted for Democrats to save democracy.” Oops!

Why it’s just a shame none of those savvy Fox News analysts, ever considered the fact that maybe that “75% of the population” who thought “the country was going in the wrong direction,” thought so BECAUSE of things such as those “threats to our democracy and women’s rights.” I mean, who could have imagined a party that offers voters nothing but “fear, grievance, revenge, finger-pointing, and zero solutions to anything,” might wear a wee bit thin with the voting public after a while. Who knew women might want autonomy over their own bodies and privacy at their doctor’s office?

Hell, Republicans took special care to hit all the key issues their MAGA base love, such as taking away both voting and women’s rights, killing Medicare and Social Security, complaining about the economy, while having no real strategy to actually fight inflation or improve employment, other than giving more huge tax breaks to rich people. What the hell could have gone wrong? “What else do these ingrates want from us?” Judge Pirro will be the first to tell you, that “Its really frustrating so many voters don’t really care about tax cuts for the wealthy.”

So, it doesn’t take a genius to understand why Judge Pirro is so pissed. First of all, poor Jeanine was only one martini into her morning when she got the disappointing news about the midterms. She was like “We told them exactly what they were supposed to think, and the ungrateful bastards just didn’t listen!” Why it’s almost like there arre consequences for trying to overthrow the government, or taking away women's rights. Hell, it’s enough to send poor Judge Pirro on a three-day bender. I mean, what kind of country are we to have, if people start voting on real issues, rather than the fear-mongering bullshit outlets like Fox News shoves down people's throats every day?

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