My throat is so dry lately, a side effect of the meds I'm on now; I didn't like being medicated, but I didn't not like it... This was a compromise, out-patient in exchange for heavy, near-constant sedation. Of course, that wasn't their intention, it's just the side effect of the myriad of pills I'd been prescribed.
There is a kind of bliss in the darkness of my blank and open mind, for the first time in my life, there's just nothing... and nothing feels good. Or maybe what feels good is the absence of doubt, the absence of looming anxiety feels... great.
I can keep taking the meds, and keep feeling better than I was; of course, it's only temporary, I have insurance but what happens when I don't? When I can't afford my pills and my therapy?
I'll tell you what'll happen, no real progress made, and bye-bye bliss.

-Dante Antone