Source: InfoWars Screen Grab
InfoWars conspiracy host Alex Jones responded to a Cenk Uygur interview of philosopher Sam Harris on The Young Turks, where Harris sarcastically mocked right-wing conspiracy theorists who claim liberals are eating babies, by taking Harris completely out of context and implying Harris was basically making a confession when he mockingly said “Why can't you eat babies? There are sometimes extra babies in the world, and they're full of protein. Can't we eat them?”

Well, first of all, its a total lie to say ALL liberals are eating babies. After all, my doctor made me quit eating them well over a year ago because he wanted me to cut out my consumption of raw meat. Luckily, I can still eat the baby carrots that come as a side dish. Besides, folks on the left don’t really eat babies. That’s total nonsense! Of course, now toddlers - well, that’s an entirely different story.

The fact is, everyone knows Libtards are mostly vegetarian and would much prefer “baby-substitute products” such as ”I Can't Believe it's Not Baby” or some of the more recent product offerings like “Beyond Baby” and "Impossible Baby.” The point is - talk about projecting. Now, is it just me, or does Jones look like he’s just finished polishing off an entire maternity ward all by himself?

The funny thing is, for a guy who is sooooo concerned about the welfare of babies, he sure didn’t appear to be all that upset when twenty 7-year-old children were slaughtered at the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre back in 2012. I mean, talk about eating babies, it seems our Mr. Jones - has been "feeding" off dead kids for years.

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