Source: Wikimedia Commons
Florida Republican state Senator Jason Brodeur has just introduced a new bill to require bloggers who write about Governor Ron DeSantis and other members of the Florida executive cabinet or legislature to “register with the state, report their sources of income, or face heavy fines.”

Gee, I wonder if this bill also includes a guy named Donald Trump, because my guess is he's about to spew some pretty nasty shit about Gov. DeSantis in the coming months. Anyway, let me guess. I’m supposed to hand in a draft of any blog I write to those burley guys in the brownshirts - before I can publish it? Now, this might come as kind of a shock, but perhaps someone ought to mention to Gov. DeSantis and his thugs that with this new-fangled thing they call the internet, you really don’t have to physically be in Florida in order to blog about it.

But we get it! The new Ron DeSantis mantra for Florida is, “Register Writers, Not Guns!” Now, not to be critical, but that really sounds like some pretty serious Jonestown-type shit right there! Kind of makes you wonder if Floridians don’t realize that “this is exactly how fascism operates?” Well, even if they don’t, it appears Gov. DeSantis and his pals are about to give them a quick tutorial on the subject. Besides, no matter what its called, Floridians seem to be perfectly fine with it. Next up, why its the “The Florida Morality Police!” Who said Republicans don’t have ideas, anyway?

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