Source: Twitter Screen Grab
The US House of Representatives opened Wednesday with the house clerk reading the following announcement, "I hereby appoint the Honorable Marjorie Taylor Greene to act as Speaker Pro Tempore on this day - Signed, Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the House of Representatives.”

Wow, talk about “Barbarians at the Gate!” You mean the woman who just weeks ago basically advocated for another American civil war and a “national divorce” is now Speaker Pro Tempore of the House? Well, all I can say is, where the hell are all those Jewish Space lasers when we REALLY need them!

Gee whiz, this Kevin McCarthy guy sure seems like he’s a really “giving” sort of a fellow. I mean, a few days ago, he even turned a whole big batch of Jan 6th video evidence right over to Tucker Carlson for his viewing pleasure. I guess poor Tucker’s Netflix subscription must have run out or something.

Anyway, not to be critical, but isn’t giving Marjorie Taylor Greene the House Speaker’s gavel, a little like handing your car keys over to that neighbor down the street who has a wee bit of a meth habit? Now, in all fairness to Speaker McCarthy, legend has it Emperor Caligula also appointed a horse to the Roman senate. However, unlike McCarthy - it was an actual horse Caligula appointed, not a horse’s ass.

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