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According to a new report, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas accepted luxury trips around the globe for more than two decades, including travel on a superyacht and private jet, from wealthy prominent Republican donor Harlan Crow without disclosing them. One trip, which included flights on Crow’s jet and island-hopping on a superyacht, would have reportedly cost Thomas and his wife Ginni more than $500,000 had they actually paid for the trip themselves.

Gee, you mean to tell me that “Long Dong Silver” and his wife, who lead the charge to overturn the 2020 presidential election - might be corrupt? Say it isn’t so! Now, not to be overly critical, but I don’t believe the Founding Fathers really intended for Supreme Court Justices to have their own personal “Sugar Daddies.” Nor do I recall anywhere in Jefferson’s writings where he proposed that the “highest” court in the land - should have the “lowest” ethical standards.

So, it turns out that the United States Supreme Court is up for sale? Full of Trump and Bush family appointees, the once proud Supreme Court has now become the “Extreme Court.” Will Clarence Thomas and his wife ever be brought to justice? Well, Anita Hill might put it this way, “Looks like our old friend Clarence Thomas might finally end up eating Crow. Billionaire Harlan Crow, that is.”

Sadly, then reality sets in. Sorry folks, but in case you haven’t noticed - laws just don't apply to Republicans. Every day is Christmas for these folks. As they say, “Truth and justice are for little people. Rich people hire lawyers.” That said, about the only thing I can say in Clarence Thomas’ defense is, “I don't think you really have to bribe a guy like Clarence Thomas to get him to render absolutely insane judicial rulings. That just comes naturally.

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