Source: Wikimedia Commons
KXAN NBC in Austin reports Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced he'll pardon convicted murderer Daniel Perry, who was just found guilty of shooting Black Lives Matter demonstrator Garret Foster during a July 2020 protest in Austin. Witnesses say Perry deliberately dove his vehicle into the area where the protests were going on. Keep in mind this occurred during a year when there were several incidents of people driving directly into protesters. In addition, Texas is an open-carry state, and Foster, as well as some of the protesters, were armed, but Perry claimed Foster aimed an assault rifle at him. This was contradicted by witnesses at the scene who say Foster never raised his rifle and never attempted to fire his weapon. During the trial, prosecutors showed the jury text messages and social media communications where Daniel Perry talked about killing protesters in the weeks before the shooting. One text read, "I might have to kill a few people on my way to work; they are rioting outside my apartment complex.”

Gee whiz, now ME wonders - had this been a KKK rally and a black driver had shot a Klansman under the same circumstances, would Governor Greg Abbott be pardoning him also? Hell, why even bother with a judge and jury when you have good old Governor Abbott willing to take care of all of that by himself? Why Texas don’t need no stinkin’ legal system. By way of explanation, Gov. Abbott said he wants prosecutors to understand that Texas is “dead serious” about its “Stand Your Ground” laws.

Really, because it sure seems as if all this “Open-Carry” and “Stand Your Ground” stuff - only applies to certain white people. You know, like MAGA Republicans. Of course, the truth is Daniel Perry lied, and Abbott knows it, but just doesn’t care. What does he care if progressives are shot? After all, Texas is a land where “cruelty and ignorance” are badges of honor - and Abbott plans to keep it that way! Now, say what you will about “Black Lives Matter,” but this pardon makes it crystal clear Gov. Abbott believes they don’t.

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