Source: Tucker Carlson Twitter Feed
TMZ is reporting that right-wing cable news channel Newsmax is working hard to land former Fox News anchor and White Nationalist Tucker Carlson. Sources say Newsmax wants him to be more than just the face of the network, claiming “The news channel is doing everything it can to sweeten the deal for Tucker to come on board - including floating the idea of letting him program the whole channel, not just his own show.” Tucker would have a “big say in rebranding their network” in addition to his own show if he did decide to make the switch.

Wow, no kidding? Newsmax wants to turn all their programming over to Tucker Carlson? I'm sure their legal department is simply thrilled to death about that - literally! And hiring a two-faced liar to lead your company sounds like a terrific business strategy! Gee, I guess this means Newsmax must have an extra $750 million in cash laying around and ready to shell out when Tucker does what Tucker does best - spouting lies and unproven conspiracy theories about people and organizations he wants to turn into scapegoats. Now, for those of you who may not be familiar with them, Newsmax is the cable network for people with head injuries so severe that they believe Fox News was founded by George Soros, Leon Trotsky, and JFK Jr.

Hey, listen - not to be critical, but isn’t hiring Tucker Carlson to head your programming department a little like making an arsonist chief of your fire department? Seems Newsmax simply can’t stop dumpster-diving in the Fox Studios’ trash bins. I mean, first, they pull Sean Spicer and Eric Bolling directly out of the garbage, and now Tucker. Well, this really shouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone. That truth is, Tucker’s job is very simple, “Fire up the lunatics - and get them mad as hell at all the folks who aren’t lunatics.” Now, say what you want about right-wing media, but its really a great gig if you can get it. Its even better than the American Dream, its “people paying you big money - to tell them lies.”

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