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The Daily Beast reports that Marjorie Taylor Greene is disgusted that websites like “Pornhub” exist and even more “horrified” that Hunter Biden may have used them. During her keynote address at Ohio’s Putnam County “Lincoln Reagan Dinner,” Marjorie Taylor Greene discussed at length her discovery of adult film sites like Pornhub. She told the crowd that “There is a website, you may or may not have heard about it - called Pornhub,” Greene said. “It is a disgusting porn website. As a matter of fact, it should be illegal. I don’t even know why it exists.” A disgusted Greene also claimed that “porn” will lead to the “Global downfall of manliness.” Greene then claimed that the “only reason” she had become such an expert in adult videos is because of Hunter Biden and a laptop computer that once belonged to him, adding that she recently found out that Hunter Biden had “multiple accounts on this Pornhub, pornography, sex website,” prompting her outrage.

Wait, the QAnon lady said what? Gee whiz, you mean the nation’s most infamous serial adulterer doesn’t like porn? Imagine that! Now, to be honest, and just so you know, I didn’t actually read the entire article. I just got to the part where she blamed her knowledge of internet porn on Hunter Biden - and suddenly began laughing so uncontrollably - that I was unable to finish reading.

But I understand why she wouldn’t have been aware of adult websites like Pornhub before launching her crucial “Hunter Biden investigations.” After all, she was way too busy investigating other critical national security matters like “Jewish Space Lasers,” the “Gazpacho Police,” and “sex trafficking rings being run by the Biden family, Hillary Clinton, and Tom Hanks, right out of the White House basement.”

Oh well, it should be easy enough for her to get up to speed on all this porn stuff. In fact, why not start by someone giving her all those nude photos from Melania Trump’s modeling days? Now, not to be critical, but I think if I were her, I’d be a bit careful talking about “wanting to ban adult websites.” Otherwise, she just might end up losing that critical “Incel Vote” that played such a key role in her getting elected in the first place. Better to take the position, “Just keep on wanking, fellows!”

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