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Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Al) created a major uproar during his appearance on CNN this past Monday - after he was given an opportunity by host Kaitlan Collins to clarify remarks he made last spring, where he appeared to be advocating that “white nationalists” should to be able to serve in the U.S. military. In a May interview with a local Alabama radio station, Tuberville criticized Biden Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin for his efforts “to weed out the white extremists and the white nationalists” from the military. Tuberville categorized it as part of a Biden Administration effort to politicize the armed services and accused Pentagon leaders of “ruining our military” and driving away supporters of former president Donald Trump. Even though Tuberville claimed he rejects racism, he still pushed back against host Collins when she told him that “by definition, white nationalists are racist because they believe their race is superior to others.” Tuberville responded that “that was only her opinion” and at one point in the back-and-forth characterized white nationalists as people who hold “a few probably different beliefs,” adding “My opinion of a white nationalist, if someone wants to call them white nationalist, to me, is an American. It’s an American.”

Oh, my mistake. I must have been doing the math all wrong, but I get it now - white nationalists aren’t racists - and Nazis aren’t antisemites. I mean, Tuberville acts like, “Hey, we’re simply talking about ‘white nationalism.’ Why do you libs have to bring race into the discussion?” Sen. Tuberville then claimed the reason “libtards” are attacking white nationalists is that they hate “conservative values.” Oh really? So “hate and bigotry” are now considered “values?” Who knew?

Of course, in response to Tuberville’s remarks, Republican Party apologists were quick to point out that the GOP is actually a “pretty big tent” with many different types of people. Indeed it is a “big tent with many different types of folks.” Why its a big tent full of homophobes, misogynists, racists, bigots, wealthy oligarchs, conspiracy theorists, the willfully ignorant, general nutcases, and heartless, soulless social Darwinists - who these days refer to themselves as libertarians. And hate - pays the rent on the tent.

Historically, just as Africa is considered by most anthropologists to be the "Cradle of Humanity,” the American South is now vying for the title the "Cradle of Stupidity.” You see, folks like Alabama’s white supremacists are one of the primary reasons Alabama consistently ranks near the bottom in nearly everything that matters - that is, with the possible exception of “stupidity and ignorance!”

Now, in all fairness, Tommy Tuberville may not be the best US senator ever elected, but he’s definitely one of the dumbest. And let us not forget there is quite a lot of competition for that title. So, is it any wonder the good folks in Alabama decided, “Hey, THIS is the guy we need to represent us in Washington?” Because white nationalists know you don’t elect a Republican to do anything “for” people. You elect Republicans to do things “to” people.

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