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According to a video published by the New York Post, vaccine conspiracy theorist, and Democratic 2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. advanced a dangerous conspiracy theory this week that the coronavirus could have been a bioweapon “deliberately targeted” to spare Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese people while disproportionately attacking White and Black people.

Now, I don’t know exactly what RFK Jr’s been smoking, but my best guess is whatever it is, Sidney Powell was his dealer. Either that, or he’s been hitting Uncle Teddy’s old liquor cabinet again. I mean, this guy is really out there. Not to be overly critical, but it kind of sounds like Rosemary wasn’t the only Kennedy who underwent a lobotomy. I mean, let’s get real. If this dude weren’t a Kennedy, he'd be standing outside some Walmart with a cardboard sign begging for cash.

That said, and in response to the outage over his statements, RFK Jr. immediately tweeted he “never, ever” suggested the coronavirus was targeted to spare Jews, then adding that the dinner where the conversation took place was supposed to be “off the record.” Oh, now we get it. He’s basically saying, “I never said it, but even if I did - you weren't supposed to report it.” Put another way, it’s apparently “just fine to be antisemitic or anti-Asian - just as long as its off the record.”

Good grief, this is almost as painful as it was watching George Santos or Herschel Walker campaigning. Holy shit! Can you imagine if they won their primaries, what a debate between RFK Jr. and Donald Trump might sound like? Hell, that’d be the greatest pay-per-view of all time - watching two of America's greatest bullshitting nut cases duking it out on live TV. Of course, you’d either probably have to be on magic mushrooms or LSD to begin to understand what the hell they were even talking about.

Now, I don’t know if Kennedy will ever have a chance to be elected President, but I do know if he keeps spinning these complete wack-a-doodle theories, he’d at least be the perfect candidate to join the honorable Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz in the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee. After all, they’ve never met a conspiracy theory they didn’t like.

Of course, many old-time Democrats are deeply saddened by the unraveling of someone from such a “distinguished and iconic political family” as the Kennedys. Perhaps, but the way I see it, all is not lost for good old RFK Jr. - because even if his wife (actress Cheryl Hines) finally gets sick and tired of his nonsense and divorces him, Marjorie Taylor Greene is now single and available. And that, my friends - is a match made in Dystopia.

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