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A complex deal to take Donald Trump’s social-media platform Truth Social public faces a crucial test next week that could determine whether it becomes a multibillion-dollar company that the former US president once vowed would stand up to “big tech,” or just languish in financial limbo. Trump’s Truth Social network’s “blank check” ally Digital World Acquisition, once considered a stock-market star, is now just days away from potential total liquidation.

Ah, what shame! It seems Humpty Trumpty is falling down. Now, a lot of people will claim Donald Trump is totally useless, but I disagree. They all seem to forget there are two things Trump does extremely well - spending other people's money and conning morons. They say suckers are “born” every minute - and Trump is right there in the nursery to reel them in. That said, you didn’t exactly have to be Nostradamus to figure out how this grift would end.

You’d think six previous bankruptcies would’ve raised a red flag or two for these “investors.” Hell, if these folks over at “Truth Social” were being completely “truthful,” they’d have named the platform “Lying Through My Teeth Social,” or perhaps “Spoof Social.” The only real “truth” about Truth Social” is that they're headed for bankruptcy. And to think poor MAGA sycophant Marjorie Trailor Greene had $50K invested. Damm shame, if you ask me, although I don’t think she will.

Gee, this Donald Trump fellow sure has the magic touch, doesn't he? Now, I wouldn’t call it a “Midas Touch,” but its a “touch,” just the same. Wonder what’s next, “Trump Tacos?” Those might help coat your stomach if you’re hammering down Trump Vodka to drown your sorrows over all the money you’ve lost. Now, the big question is, how long before Trump and his pals start blaming some nefarious, secret "Deep State" agency for the collapse of his shining bastion of "free speech?” After all, Trump is usually all winning, winning, winning.

The way I see it, about the only positive thing about this whole Trump MAGA phenomenon - is that we now know who the monsters are who’ve been living among us all along. Oh sure, its true they love him, but the fact is, they love him most when he’s busy breaking china and glassware. I mean, they have to know he’s a fraud, but hey - he hates all the same people they hate, which makes it all OK. So they keep sending him money. Apparently, you really can fool some of the people - “all of the time.”

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