Source: Wikimedia Commons
Wisconsin Republicans are threatening to impeach newly elected liberal state Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz, even though she hasn’t as yet heard even a single case. Republican legislators are demanding she recuse herself from any and all cases where she might have at one time expressed a general opinion on a subject or face impeachment. This is a rather interesting position, given that many of the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s conservative justices were “anti-abortion activists” before being elevated to the court.

Oh, wait! Now I get it. Wisconsin Republicans want Justice Protasiewicz to be more like Trump’s US Supreme Court nominees - who never once even “thought about overturning Roe v. Wade” before their nominations to the court. And that’s why a “women’s right to choose” is still safe and legal throughout the country, and “Roe” is still the law of the land today.

Besides, we all know this Janet Protasiewicz person is only sitting on the Wisconsin Supreme Court because a bunch of Wisconsin voters “stormed to the polls” and elected her. As we all know, people being able to vote freely and as they wish - is a card-carrying Republican’s worst nightmare. I mean, is it any wonder why Wisconsin’s nickname is “Wississippi?”

That said, Justice Protasiewicz has no one to blame but herself for the mess she’s in. Why none of this impeachment talk would have ever taken place had she just had the common decency to accept a few of those “all expenses paid vacations” with conservative billionaires. Instead, she chose to accept “lavish rides” to election rallies with campaign workers in their Toyota Priuses. Unconscionable, I tell you!

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