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In a tense exchange with CBS Evening News’ Norah O’Donnell, Florida Gov. and Republican presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis said he wouldn't rule out launching missiles into Mexico to combat drug cartels shipping drugs into this country if elected president. This wasn’t the first time DeSantis has threatened the use of military force against Mexico. At the presidential debate in August, DeSantis said he would send U.S. special forces over the border. When asked if troops would be allowed to shoot migrants crossing the border, the governor said: “A woman carrying a baby would not be the focus, but when somebody’s got a ‘backpack on,’ and they’re breaking through the wall, you know that’s hostile intent, and you have every right to take action under those circumstances.

Wait, the little Floridian dictator said what? Now, let’s see. So far, DeSantis has declared war on teachers teaching history, LGBTQ+ folks, drag queens, free speech, women’s healthcare, educational institutions, persons of color, immigrants, voting rights, Bud Lite, and Disney. Now, he wants to declare war on Mexico? What I find most interesting about that is that many of the MAGA base Gov. DeSantis is trying so hard to impress with all this chest-beating - probably couldn’t even identify Mexico on a map.

And, just exactly where do these MAGA half-wits think they’re going to bomb, anyway? I mean, it isn’t like the cartels have big fancy headquarters in glamorous highrise buildings or operate giant fentanyl processing facilities. Hell, you can manufacture kilos of fentanyl - right in your garage. These cartel operations are spread out all over the place. His bombing raids could kill tons of innocent people. And, just suppose Mexico decided to take loudmouth DeSantis’ threat seriously - and launched a preemptive strike of their own against Florida? Now, wouldn’t that make things interesting?

After all, the fact is its US gun manufacturers who illicitly provide the majority of weapons used by the Mexican cartels. Funny how MAGAs are so concerned about Mexican cartels sending drugs over the border - yet seem pretty quiet about the US gun manufacturers who actually arm them. Of course, being the fair-minded gentleman that he is, I’m sure Gov. DeSantis and his MAGA pals would fully understand if Mexico ever decided to launch drone strikes on gun manufacturing plants throughout the US.

Hey, maybe DeSantis could get the House GOP Freedom Caucus to investigate any links between the drug cartels and “Hunter Biden’s laptop?” Proof? “We don’t need no stinkin’ proof! We’re Republicans.” Fact is, Mexico has recently overtaken China and is now our largest trading partner, but Republicans still have no real interest in addressing immigration issues. Hell, that sounds way too much like work. They’re just here to complain about stuff. Their new battle cry is, “Let’s start a war with Mexico - and pay for it with tax cuts for the wealthy!”

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