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Paid a visit this past weekend to an old friend named “Cliff,” who has a place way up in the Santa Monica mountains overlooking LA. I usually don’t like long drives, but Cliff asked me over because he was feeling “really down” – at least really down for a guy who “lives way up.” Cliff admits a lot of his troubles are mostly his fault. As you can see, Cliff’s the kind of guy who “lives right on the edge.”

What was troubling Cliff? Well, it turns out that Cliff’s girlfriend Grace had suddenly left him. That’s right, no note - no nothing. The disturbing thing is Grace may not have left intentionally, for you see Grace was a sleepwalker. Now, I know some of you are going to ask, why in the hell would a woman allow herself to “fall” for a guy named Cliff who lives way up on the side of a mountain? Well, as I mentioned before, Grace was a sleepwalker – so I guess it was just a matter of physics. I suppose one could call it “a fall from Grace.”

Anyway, while all this may seem like a really sad tale, it might not be. That’s because there may eventually be somewhat of a happy ending. How could that be, you ask? That’s because I also have another friend who happens to work at Cal Tech as a seismologist, and when I told him about Cliff’s situation, he assured me that, in his professional opinion, “It’s only a matter of time before my friend Cliff will likely join his girlfriend, Grace.” Well, there you have it! Now, don’t you just love happy endings?

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