Source: Wikimedia Commons
In a rare appearance that was not exclusively in front of his usual cult bubble, Donald Trump was loudly booed and heckled with shouts of “no wannabe dictators” during a humiliatingly raucous speech to the Libertarian National Convention at a Washington hotel last Saturday night. Trump’s clumsy, failed attempt to court Libertarians resulted in him ending up scolding them instead, angrily advising them to vote for him, “Only if you want to win. Maybe you don’t want to win. If you want to lose, don’t do that. Keep getting your 3% every four years.” Trump later claimed he actually really didn’t want the Libertarian nomination, anyway.

Gee, a maniacal, narcissistic con artist, got booed by a group of greedy, slick hipsters. I would have enjoyed being in that room. I mean, who knew those touchy Libertarians would get so upset by Donald’s message - which essentially said, “You’d better vote for me you friggin’ losers!” Sounds like those Libertarians sure are a sensitive lot, aren’t they? I’ll tell ya, they sure aren’t like Mr. Trump, who simply takes any negative criticism he gets in stride.

Poor Donald! My guess is that after this fiasco, Donald may very well conclude that things sure go a helluva lot easier when you’re simply preaching to those already converted MAGA sycophants. You know, to those folks who really wouldn’t give a rat’s ass, even if Trump threw all his grandchildren right off the Empire State Building during a live Fox News broadcast. Hell, MAGA world would probably just claim that the little bastards had it coming.”

All I can say is, after a humiliation like the one he got at that Libertarian Convention, Trump is a really lucky fellow to have such a loving, caring, and compassionate wife like Melania - who is always gonna be there for him. Besides, according to Trump, even though there may have been a “wee bit” of booing in the convention hall, “People are saying it was some of the most ‘beautiful booing’ in the entire history of booing.”

Now, I realize it may be tempting to paint these Libertarian anti-Trumpizoids as “some of the good guys.” After all, they have some pretty hip and cool positions on things - such as they’re pro-abortion, pro-marijuana, and pro-LGBTQ. Unfortunately, that’s about where the coolness stops. That’s because what they really are - is “Social Darwinists.” Translated, that means “everyone is basically on their own.” No government help for anyone, like the disabled, the poor, the elderly, or working people. They believe government has no role in our lives whatsoever, other than to maintain a military and police forces.

That also means no Medicare, public transportation, or public hospitals. No national parks - Libertarians would sell off all that land to the highest bidder. No oversight on corporations - they’d be completely free to pollute our air and water. That’s because Libertarians would abolish all the agencies now regulating them. There’d be no on-the-job work rules, no overtime pay, or a minimum wage. There’d also be no one to oversee our food safety. In addition, we’d have no public schools as well as no US Postal Service to deliver our mail.

What would basically be left - would be a society with no “social safety net” at all. It would be “Survival of the fittest.” Or, put another way, “only those with money would survive.” Everyone else is left to fend for themselves. If you're disabled or old, Libertarians would say, “that's not our problem!” Why, if you think there’s income inequality now, just imagine if these Libertarians got their way. That said, don’t be too discouraged. After all, you’ll still be free to smoke a joint without being hassled.