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Angry former competitive swimmer Riley Gaines, who gained fame after raging against trans athletes, recently went on Jesse Watters’ Fox News program to complain that folks who present Santa as a person of color “don’t represent the overwhelming majority of how this country and most of the world really feel about this issue.” She further added that she thinks “the majority of people - parents especially - believe a gay Nutcracker or a Black disabled Santa has gone way too far; the pendulum has swung too far."

Ah, its Christmas again. That wonderful time of year when conservatives and Fox News panelists gather together to complain about how the Libs have completely ruined Christmas by wishing them “Happy Holidays!” Yeah, I suppose those Libs can be really pushy, alright. Why, next thing you know - they’ll be claiming Jesus was a Jew. Can you imagine that? Besides, everyone knows that George Santos (R-NY) is the real Santa Claus.

Now, not to be critical, but “what the hell’s the difference what race Santa is? Hate to break it to you, MAGAs - but Santa is simply a fictional character. Gee, I hope that didn’t spoil Christmas for anyone. I know a lot of Trump sycophants still believe Santa Claus is real. But seriously, Fox spent an entire TV news segment arguing what race a totally fictional character should be? I mean, is it just me, or does it seem these MAGA half-wits sure can find the lamest shit to be pissed about?

That said, I kind of get why folks like Riley Gainesis are so pissed. After all, it’s hard to be a white supremacist in the 21st century when your mind is still stuck somewhere in the deep South of the 1950s. All Riley wants is a Santa folks like her can relate to. OK, but I’m not too sure how a “Hitler Claus” is gonna go over with the general public. Besides, even if Santa was lily white, he’d still probably have a black face after spending all night climbing up and down chimneys.

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