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Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows has decided to remove Donald Trump from the Republican primary ballot, making Maine the second state in the country to block the former president from running again under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution that prevents insurrectionists from holding office. This, along with the Colorado decision, has left the Republican Party furious, and they vow to take the case all the way to the US Supreme Court.

Gee, kind of funny how MAGAs love the 2nd Amendment, but hate the 14th. They say using the 14th Amendment to disqualify Trump from appearing on the ballot is a direct “Attack on Democracy.” I mean, if poor Republicans can’t run candidates who’ve attempted to violently overthrow the government of the United States and invalidate a national election so they can remain in power, then who are they supposed to run? Friggin’ RINOs? They claim this whole situation reeks of election interference, and I fully understand how someone could feel that way - assuming their formal education didn’t go past the 2nd grade.

Meanwhile, many angry Republican politicians are shouting just how wrong it is to disqualify Donald Trump from the ballot, pointing out that “We should let the voters decide.” Gee, it's rather interesting how the Trump cult is suddenly so enamored by the notion that “voters” should decide elections. Why sure they believe “its voters who should decide." That is, unless those voters happen to “decide” against Republicans when casting their votes - in which case they’ll storm the Capitol.

The irony is if those ultra-right extremist Trump SCOTUS appointees stay true to their claim about being “strict constitutionalists” and take a literal reading of the 14th amendment, even THEY will suddenly find themselves in immediate need of armed security protection from Trump’s rabid MAGA base. Hey, MAGAs! I have an idea. If you really don’t want your candidates to be kicked off ballots, how about telling them not to sic their rabid mobs on the Capitol to try and prevent electoral votes from being counted? Meanwhile, as for me - well, I’m finding myself in kind of a “Maine state of mind.”

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